"Dirtfoot" is the first episode of the fourth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 56th episode overall. It originally aired on December 4th, 2005.


In this episode, Shake digs and pretends to be stuck in an old abandoned well in order to attract women, as he saw on a show he was watching. All the while, Meatwad pesters Frylock with profanity. Frylock becomes curious when Shake mentions an "Old Abandoned Hot Tub" and decides to check out the well for himself. There is an underground house at the bottom, where the legendary Dirtfoot, thought to be a hoax, is also living. The news makes an insistent point of saying he is homosexual. Shake occasionally comes to the surface to talk to Frylock and Meatwad, and as a last attempt to get sympathy sex jams his hand in a mailbox. Instead of women coming to the rescue, Dirtfoot comes up from the well and rescues him. The media sees and instantly makes a report of their homosexuality on the news.

An elderly lady then stops at their house, saying she ran over their "dog" with her swords. Overcome with his own insecurity and the media attention, Shake yells "I'm straight!" and decapitates himself with a katana. The elderly lady's top then randomly vanishes for no explained reason which prompts Frylock to insist that Meatwad not look, but that he will look instead.


  1. Dirtfoot is "runovered" by swords.
  2. Master Shake kills himself by slicing his body in half with a katana.


  • The elderly lady at the end of the show is voiced by Dave Willis' real life grandmother, who he calls Granny.
  • The "Red Spud On Tap" sign in Shake's "bottom of the well apartment" was hanging on the wall of the bar in "Super Trivia".
  • The "Street Muscle" poster in Shake's "bottom of the well apartment" has a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner on it.
  • Carl appears in one scene with only two lines in this episode.
  • Dirtfoot is a parody of the legendary monster Bigfoot.