A poster promoting Doin' it 4 Da Shorteez

Doin' it 4 Da Shorteez is a rap song written and sung by Sir Loin. Sir Loin wrote this song suppossedly to reach out to the public with his lyrics, asking listeners to send in old food and garbage so he can feed it to children in need. In the end, however, it is revealed that Sir Loin is actually the evil reincarnation of MC Pee Pants. Satan returned him to earth in the form of a talking cow. His "diabolical" plan this time is to collect as much garbage as possible to attract flies. He will then gather up all of the acitic-stomach acids that the flies regurgitated upon the garbage. With all of the acid he has collected, he will then use it to melt down the walls of the First National Bank, steal the money, and use it to pay for rented patio furniture he devoured. In the end, Frylock and Meatwad end up tricking Sir Loin into walking directly into a slaughterhouse, where he is then brutally killed.


"For Da Shorteeeeeeeez!"
("Doin' it for Da Shorteez")
"For Da Shorteeeeeeeez!"
("Doin' it for Da Shorteez")
"For Da Shorteeeeeeeez!"
("For Da Shorteez")

"For Da Shorteez-
Gather 'round and let me tell ya somethin'.
For Da Shorteez-
"Can't you hear them little stomachs rumblin'?
For Da Shorteez-
Yo, ya gonna eat that raggamuffin?
For Da Shorteez-
Let's show the shorteez some lovin'.
C'mon, my name is Sir Loin, badass bovine.
I got four stomachs but only one stomach in mind.
That's a little empty belly with a vacancy sign.
Kinda like close encounters of the charity kind.
Ya got canned goods just collectin' dust.
Ya got meat, got fruit, got vegetables.
Only prerequisite is that it's edible.
Get ya freak on at my freaky food festival.
Cold cuts a must, I'll even take bread crust.
Cuz the shorteez be beggin', and begga's don't give a....
They's hungry, let's face facts, they starve.
Feel a void in your heart, fill ya shoppin' cart, for Da Shorteez."

"For Da Shorteeeeeeeez!"
("for Da Shorteez, y'all")
"For Da Shorteeeeeeeez!"
("For Da Shorteez")

"Think of what's at stake, look upon your plate.
If it's a slab o' steak, time to regurgitate.
Ya got a double chin, while little Jim's too slim.
Your fingers could fit in that little kid's exposed ribs.
Just think of all da shorteez, can't ya hear 'em cry?
Time to cough up that burger and fries.
Hand over left overs, cans piled sky high.
Give to the hungry shorteez, so the shorteez won't die.
Stop the famine, please, instead of eatin' ham and cheese.
Throw away your greens, you be pissin' on a dream.
Gimme all your onion rings, it's a'ight, listen.
A slice a pizza, it don't matter if a bite's missin'.
Prime rib, porkchop, porterhouse, it don't stop.
Might seem like hogslop, to the shorteez it's alot.
They been hungry since birth, so hand over your desert.
Open up your mouth, stick a finger down, it could be worse.
Listen closely, gimme all your groceries.
Cuz a little baby's screamin' "man, I need a hogie!"
"Somebody hold me, somebody console me, somebody boil me up a pot o' pirogies!"
Think of what we're facin', all those little faces, c'mon lets erase this...For Da Shorteez."

("Check it out")
"Doin' it for Da Shorteez."
"Doin' it for Da Shorteez."
"Doin' it for Da Shorteez."
("Doin' it for Da Shorteez, y'all!")

"For Da Shorteeeeeeeez!"

"Got crackers, got chips, got puddin' cups.
You'd be surprised what little shorteez like to munch.
Could be trash, could be mold, could be excrement.
Could be a bag o' old diapers, they'd call that lunch.
Mayonnaise been out for a couple o' days.
Lil' kid corpses, scabs and eggs.
Sweet bread, pig heads, horses too.
Wanna drop it like its hot?
Here's what ya do."

("For Da Shorteeeeeeeez!")
"6-1-2 Wharf Avenue, what?"
"6-1-2 Wharf Avenue, what?"
("4 Da Shorteeeeeeeez!")
"6-1-2 Wharf Avenue, what?"
"6-1-2 Wharf Avenue."

"But, please, no more canned yams, man.
We got more canned yams than we know what to do with.
MC Pee Pants in the h--I mean...uh, Sir Loin's in the house!
And I'm out!"