Dolores Brutananadilewski is the mother of Carl Brutananadilewski and the ex-wife of Carl's Dad.

She appears in only two episodes, but is shown talking to her son Carl on the phone in several previous episodes. The conversation usually drags into an argument, and apparently she lives in a very dark VA hospital, a fact that doesn't seem to bother Carl all that much. It is also obvious that she has little love or care for her children, as she barely remembered who Carl was when he called.

Carl's mom finally makes her first appearance in "Wi-Tri" at the end of the show. She is shown in her bed in the aforementioned dark VA hospital, morbidly obese and sharing Carl (and his father's) characteristic bald spot. She accuses Carl of "not paying for the meal plan", to which he replies (only half jokingly) "What? You think I'm tryin' to starve you to death or something?".

In Wi-Tri, she shares her room in the hospital with Zod. Carl goes to visit her and gives her a Wi-Tri only to be brutally killed by Zod in the end after antagonizing him.

Her second appearance was in the episode "Hospice", where she was revealed to be terminally ill with cancer. Naturally, Carl takes advantage of her illness to max out her credit cards, while, in the meantime, Frylock searches and finds a root to cure her.

She does not appear alongside Carl's Dad during the flash back sequence of Carl's childhood in "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future", during which an 8-year old Carl wishes for a "new mommy" for Christmas, suggesting she had divorced her husband and abandoned Carl at some point before he was 8.


  • She shares the same bald spot as her ex-husband and child; however, her bald spot was most likely caused by her cancer treatments, given that, initially, she was seen with a full head of hair.