Don is a character that appears in the episode, "Piranha Germs." He has grey hair, a mustache, glasses, and two eyes with black pupils. He wears a suit at first, but once his true form is revealed, he is seen only wearing a tie. Due to him only being a head, four small jets help propel him as he hovers in the air.

In "Piranha Germs," Shake applies for a viral marketing job, with his manager being Don. After Shake has signed multiple forms, Don begins to make him perform disgusting tasks, which includes eating raw meat and fondling dog feces, all of which help spread a bacteria known as piranha germs. Eventually, Frylock confronts Don, who claims the bacteria is controlling him. Frylock tries to rid Don and Shake of the disease, but after he is unsuccessful, he leaves them in a food truck parked on Jurassic Island, where multiple dinosaurs consume them.


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