Dr. Weird is a supporting character and a main antagonist in the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. For the first two seasons of the show, he was the subject of its cold openings. He rarely appears outside the cold openings.


Dr. Weird wears a purple and yellow robe, with a W-shaped hole in the front. He also has a "hairarium" or hair heater around his head. He has white hair that somewhat forms the shape of a W. Reminiscent of super villains from the 1960s and 1970s, Dr. Weird wears a domino mask that covers his eyes, which appear to be solid red. He also wears gloves.


Dr. Weird has many signs of mental instability and insanity; in the series premiere, Dr. Weird invented the Rabbot to take care of the world's "vegetable problem." In the film, Dr. Weird and Steve, who acts as both Dr. Weird's lab assistant and occasional guinea pig, dressed up in various disguises. At one point, while Dr. Weird was wearing a chicken disguise that was actually the size of a chicken, Steve remarked, "That's my wife." It is never fully explained what this means. It could be possible that Dr. Weird forced Steve to marry him (although later in the film, Steve later remarked that his wife wanted him home by a certain time, implying that this is not true). It could also be possible that this was a backstory formulated by Dr. Weird to make the disguises more believable.

When the show began, the cold openings would feature Dr. Weird shouting "Gentlemen, BEHOLD!!" to Steve and normally no one else, then he would usually demonstrate something that would be used later in the episode, such as the RainbowMaker 400 in "Escape From Leprechaupolis" or MC Pee Pants in the episode of the same name. By the end of Season One, however, the cold openings with Dr. Weird and Steve were changed to utter nonsense. They had nothing to do with the Following Episode, and nothing in them made sense.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although it is never fully addressed in the series, Dr. Weird seems to have some manipulation over the laws of physics and logic in general. While Frylock's science experiments usually have some base in real-life science, Dr. Weird seems to completely defy science. For example, in "Revenge of the Trees," a gigantic version of Dr. Weird's head eats Steve, whose body falls on Javier and explodes. In "Super Bowl," Steve pops out of Dr. Weird's body, yet Dr. Weird is perfectly fine. In the film, he was able to fit himself into a chicken outfit that was the size of an actual chicken. He is also, presumably, the creator of a moth-human hybrid known as Mothmonsterman, and a monster made to look like a present[1]. He also has a blue gas inside of him that is seen in multiple cold openings. It should also be noted that Dr. Weird has an immeasurable amount of pain tolerance, such as when he chainsawed his legs to the bone.

Relationship with Steve[]

Dr. Weird's relationship with Steve is an odd one. Steve is often the subject of Dr. Weird's experiments, and Dr. Weird is shown to care very little about Steve's safety. In "Dumber Days," for example, Dr. Weird rendered Steve unconscious and surgically removed his brain. Strangely enough, Steve survived this experience, but Dr. Weird left him strapped to a metal sheet with only a note that simply said, "Go to doctor now." Steve is also shown to reciprocate this concern for safety or lack thereof. In "The Clowning," Dr. Weird is consumed by his own buttocks, and Steve simply goes back to ordering his lunch. Although one could justify Steve's lack of concern for his employer, it is hard to justify all of the terrible things Dr. Weird has done to Steve. It could probably be assumed that Dr. Weird is a sociopath or perhaps even psychopath.[2]

Failure to Return[]

It was announced at a convention [3] that there would be Dr. Weird cold openings for Season 8. He and Steve did appear in the cold opening of the first episode of Season 8, but Dr. Weird didn't return for "Allen Part Two" nor any of the other Season 8 episodes; though, one can see Dr. Weird in the opening sequence of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 after Meatwad morphs into a machine gun. At this point, it is highly unlikely for Dr. Weird to return. A similar fate befell Mr. Beefy who was confirmed via Dave Willis's Twitter account to appear in every episode of that season, despite appearing only once in "Allen Part Two."[4]


  1. MC Pee Pants: Gets attacked by MC Pee Pants.
  2. Dumber Dolls: Shatters into pieces after Steve nudges him when he freezes.
  3. Interfection: His head pops. 
  4. Super Bowl: Has Steve burst out of his chest. 
  5. Super Computer: Mauled beyond recognition by an unseen creature.
  6. Super Spore: Decapitated by Steve with a baseball bat.
  7. Super Squatter: Burns to death.
  8. Broodwich: Might have exploded after filling himself with BBQ sauce. 
  9. Frat Aliens: Rips his own brain out.
  10. The Clowning: Is eaten by his own ass. (however, he is seen alive at the end of the episode)
  11. Colon Movie Film for Theaters: Possibly dies of blood loss after getting cut in half.


  • Dr. Weird is based on the one-shot villain Dr. Strangemoon from Josie and the Pussycats. Both characters wear yellow domino masks and have similar hairstyles.
  • Even though in the film Dr. Weird said he was created by Frylock and that they were creations of Walter Melon, it was said in 2010 during "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live" by series creator Dave Willis that Dr. Weird was indeed the creator of the Aqua Teens, making them brothers. Thus explaining that Weird's confession was just another one of his insane rants and that Walter Melon was simply one of his creations used for his insane and convoluted plot to mess with the Aqua Teens. [5]
  • In the cold open for the episode The Dressing, Dr. Weird kills Space Ghost and uses his head as a mask. This is humorous because Weird's voice actor C. Martin Croker portrayed Zorak and Moltar on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and because Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis were writers on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. This episode also contained a reference to the movie Highlander.
  • Dr. Weird has created a variety of strange living things over the years. These include Frylock, Master Shake, Meatwad, Rabbot, Mothmonsterman, a "lawnmower child", and a monster shaped like a present.
  • This does not include characters from the film that may have been created by Dr. Weird. Examples of these include Chicken Bittle, Walter Melon, the Insanoflex, and the 9-Layer Bean Burrito. Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro have confirmed that the Aqua Teens are creations of Dr. Weird. Although the series has no continuity, fans have theorized that this could be true within the context of the film. Supposedly, Dr. Weird did create the Aqua Teens, Chicken Bittle, Walter Melon, and the Nine-Layer Bean Burrito, meaning all of the events in the film were planned by Dr. Weird for, as he said himself, "a very ridiculous purpose." Weirder things have happened in the show, but it is, after all, just a theory.
  • Footage for Dr. Weird's laboratory was recycled from locations in the Jonny Quest series: the Old Palace from the original series episode "Monster in the Monastery" for wide shots, and Bell Island Asylum from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episode "Escape to QuestWorld" for the building's name and exterior close ups.
  • Dr. Weird's catchphrase, "Gentlemen, behold!", was sampled in the song "Let's Move" by hip-hop group The Perceptionists.
  • Dr. Weird made a cameo in Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm as one of the people wearing Shake's costume.