Dr. Wongburger (Mr. Wongburger in Dickesode) is a recurring villain, serving as the primary antagonist in all his appearances. A creature of inconstant type, Wongburger first appears as an anthropomorphic dick who hails from "Dick Planet". In his second appearance, he has transformed himself into a creature in the shape of a human molar tooth, and in his third appearance he, through years of therapy, became a giant cheeseburger. He is consistently portrayed with blue and yellow shorts (these don't appear on his hamburger form) and spectacles, which (apart from the shape of his mouth) is the only consistent visual motif of the character.


In his debut episode Dickesode, Wongburger presides over the chain restaurant Wong Burger. He uses the restaurant's "rip and win" prize draw in order to forcibly acquire the dicks of unwitting male consumers to use as building materials for a spaceship referred to as a "Dickship", which he intends to use to return to his home of "Dick Planet". The scheme fails, however, as the Dickship's launch is unsuccessful and Wongburger crashes it into the headquarters of the Wong Burger restaurant chain (which is also made of dicks).

He appears again in The Creature from Plaque Lagoon as a molar tooth, claiming to have transformed "through years of painful surgery and great expense". His plan, in this case, is to steal others' teeth (including those of The Aqua Teens) to create a "Toothship" with which to return to his "enamel condo on Tooth Planet". The end result of the scheme is unrevealed and unmentioned in future episodes, making it impossible to know whether or not it was successful.

In his third appearance, he has taken the form of a giant cheeseburger. In his latest scheme (held in front of a Wong Burger restaurant relabeled "Dazzle Burger"), he becomes a part of a contest where participants must keep at least one hand on him at all times, with the last person remaining once all others are disqualified being named the winner. Promotional material for the contest claims that the winner will be given the cheeseburger, but Wongburger intends to abduct them to take with him to "Hamburger Planet". The contest is won by Master Shake, who is captured with prehensile onion rings, and Dr. Wongburger is last seen flying off with Shake in tow.

Wongburger has a cameo appearance in the show's 100th episode, in a stylized version of his original form.


  • Due to his numerous appearances in the series and various physical forms, Wongburger bears a striking similarity to recurring character MC Pee Pants
  • He has had the appearance of a giant dick, a giant tooth, and a giant hamburger. 
  • He is smart enough to commit identity theft. 



Wongburger tooth

Wongburger as a tooth


Wongburger as a hamburger


  • "I have an advanced dickree in dicknology!"
  • "Those dicks, will you please-? Somebody stack them better!"
  • "Finally, tonight, I will have enough dicks to complete the Dickship and return to Dick Planet!"
  • "They crave dick. As we all do."