“Drizzle Theme”
Who is the Diizzle
Year 2003
Duration 0:00:52

The “Drizzle Theme” is the theme song to the fictional Master Shake superhero named "The Drizzle" that appeared in the episode "Super Hero."


(Drizzle baby)
(to the rescue)
Hot damn become the Drizzle, baby
So cold ya know we never fizzle, baby
So hot ya know we goin' sizzle, baby
He wanna catch you, catch you at the kizzle, baby
Hardcore. Old school stylin'
Ten digits, even got a platinum album.
got a cadilliac, city block long
even got Spider-Man swinging on a ding dong
So much money 100 kat diamond ring
My man drizzy drizz, drizz got everything
When you see him, give my man big respect
Because the Drizzy Drizz just might break ya neck
Uh...he's the Drizzle, baby
Yeah...uh....he's the (fuck)ing Drizzle, baby
Yeah...uh....drizzy drizzy baby
He's the mother(fuck)ing Drizzle, baby
(to the rescue)
(Drizzle, baby)


  • There is censorship in this video, but however, if you listen closely, you can hear the word "fuck" being said.