Dumbassahedratron is the cousin of the Wisdom Cube and potentially the most obnoxious creature ever to live, he initially landed on the Aqua Teens' lawn and falsely presented himself as the actual Wisdom Cube, "source of all knowledge and wisdom". As a result, Frylock and the other Aqua Teens spent a lot of time listening to him and trying to make sense of his random idiotic one-liners and pointless, contradictory fake stories, but eventually everybody got sick of listening to him and locked themselves in the house, leaving him to make unfunny pretend prank phone calls on the lawn for three hours with a phone that wasn't even plugged in. Having to listen to him is like being tortured, which is why when Meatwad lags behind during the Aqua Teens' attempt to flee to Carl's house, Shake pulls Frylock back, saying "He's dead to us now!"

On one of his back faces is an array of offensive and cliched bumper stickers from which he apparently gets a lot of his random one-liners. He eventually is confronted by the actual Wisdom Cube, who proves to be slightly less retarded and obnoxious but no wiser and equally as much of an immature ass. After pranking Frylock one last time with a burning bag of dog crap, they both attempt to fly back into space, but are chopped into pieces by a passing helicopter. The Dumbassahedratron's last words are "BROWN DOWN FROM THE CLOWN FROWN! HEY FAIRY-" before he gets chopped up in mid-insult.

In The Last One, he was invited by the Mooninites to join Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in order to get revenge on the Aqua Teens. He was last seen alive sealing a hole in the wall of the dome where the Mooninites had assembled the aforementioned group on the Moon. His subsequent and final appearance is in Hell with MC Pee Pants, where his inane jokes and asinine behavior apparently amused Satan greatly. ("SATAN LIKE FUNNY BOX!")

In Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am he will follow the player throughout the game in each level. He will not attack the player and instead tell his usual fake stories. He can be killed for extra points, however this otherwise has no impact on gameplay and he will re-spawn in subsequent levels regardless.



  1. The Cubing: The Dumbassahedratron and the Wisdom Cube are shredded by an oncoming helicopter.
  2. The Last One: The Dumbassahedratron dies offscreen. Caught in a ball of fire by Satan.


  • For most of his first episodic appearance, he pretends to be his cousin the Wisdom Cube.
  • He is very snobbish and immature.