"Dummy Love" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the 76th episode overall.

Plot Overview[]

Shake reads a scary book called Skulldilocks and the Seven Scorpions to Meatwad. After terrifying him, Shake leaves and locks Meatwad in his room, but he slips out from under the door, which Shake responds to by saying "Fine". A box is then placed at the door of the Aqua Teen's house, Frylock picks up the box and hears somebody saying "Kill" from inside the box. He takes it inside and a living, knife-carrying dummy comes out. Shake and Meatwad notice and dummy and ask to keep it and Frylock agrees. After he heads out to get some dinner, Shake places the dummy up on the shelf. A power surge occurs and when electricity comes back on, Shake and Meatwad are surprised to see the dummy gone. But it turns out that Shake took him off the shelf and then puts him back up there. He then asks Meatwad where his collectable ax is, and the dummy is shown carrying it along with some severed fingers. Shake lets him keep the ax and places him back on the shelf with the fingers. Shake and Meatwad then go to bed.

The next morning, the Aqua Teens are having breakfast while the dummy says "Kill" multiple times. Tired of him, they try to kill the dummy multiple times, but he always comes back no matter what. Frylock decides to give him to Carl, who says he already has a dummy, which is a black-skinned one who says "Die". The dummies fall in love with each other, and eventually have sex in Frylock's bedroom. Annoyed, Frylock wants the dummies gone, and Shake says "Leave them to me". It is then shown that he is performing with the dummies at a restaurant. Frylock compliments Shake on his newfound popularity, and Meatwad says that he wishes that the dummies real human boys. The next morning, Shake is looking for the dummies, who then enter the room, now actual humans. Shake states "They're no good to me alive!" and attempts to kill them.

Later, Shake is shown to be in jail and is on the phone with Frylock. He tells Frylock to tell Meatwad that he wants him to get him out of jail. Meatwad states that he "doesn't talk to suckers", making Shake upset. Frylock puts him on the phone with the dummies, who say nothing but "Kill" and "Die". After Shake hangs up, the dummies state that "He hung up."


  1. The Kill Dummy is killed 6 times.
    1. Is grinded to dust by a wheel on Carl's car.
    2. Is put into a wood chipper and has his remains blown up by a rocket.
    3. Is burned to ash by a flamethrower.
    4. Is burned to ash by a gas torch.
    5. Is blown up after Shake threw him on the ground.
    6. Is axed by Shake.
  2. The Die Dummy is axed by Shake.
  3. Jimmy Tree Wizard hangs himself in a jail cell.


  • The author of "Skulldilocks and the Seven Scorpions" is Robb Zhombee. This is a reference to the American singer and songwriter Rob Zombie.
  • Randall, Oog, and Ignignokt are all seen in the newspaper Master Shake is reading at breakfast.
  • Jesus "Ezekiel" Jesus from Ezekiel can be seen in a picture of him and Shake playing tennis in the background.
  • It has been claimed that the first dummy is a mixture of the famous "Chucky" doll and R.L. Stine's "Slappy" dummy from Goosebumps.
  • The two dummies are likely based on the old Cartoon Planet Rudy & Gogo's World Famous Cartoon Show bumpers. The bumpers featured a two creepy orange-haired and african american dummies.
  • Carl only appears in one scene.
  • The murdered prospective house buyers from Robots Everywhere are seen in the audience of Shake's magic show.