"EDork" is the fifth episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 47th episode overall. It originally aired on August 29th, 2004.


Spacecataz: The Plutonians attempt to prank call the Mooninites, but Ignignokt tells Oglethorpe that he has the wrong number.

Master Shake has gotten a new tech device: The eHelmet. It has all the features of a normal cellphone, but is much heavier and bulkier. He tries showing it off to Frylock, even offering him one to have. Frylock refuses, saying that he has a cellphone to use (with a camera). Later, Shake has upgraded his eHelmet with large cameras, and tries to show Frylock. Meatwad approaches wearing the other helmet, saying that Frylock let him have it. This annoys Shake and he threatens to hit Meatwad, but since Shake is too weighed down with gadgets, he can barely move.

Later, Shake asks Frylock about all the porn Meatwad is apparently sending him. Frylock says that Carl now has the other eHelmet, then starts listening to his mp3 player to drown out Shake's talking. This prompts Shake to get himself and Carl the eAno upgrade, an actual piano that constantly plays ragtime music. Shake's and Carl's devices become so heavy, they are unable to move, stranding them in the streets. Meatwad takes the opportunity to wipe boogers on Shake, and unleash bees on him. Frylock demands that the music be turned off, and refuses to let Shake in the house with all the bulky, loud gadgets on him. Shake orders two pairs of robotic legs for the eHelmet line that will let him and Carl move around easier. When the legs arrive, they attach themselves to the helmets, but Carl's legs approach Shake's and start humping him. Shake tells Frylock to order the intelligence helmet for the robot legs, so it can follow orders.

The following day, Carl's legs are still humping Shake's, Shake is exhausted, and Carl wants all the sex to stop. Frylock presents the intelligence helmet, but explains he could only afford the one with a 4-year-old's intelligence. Shake accepts it, saying a child would run away from the spectacle. Frylock puts the intelligence helmet on Shake, and it pushes Carl away, saying "No means no. I telling on you." The helmet notices Carl's pool, and excitedly runs towards it, carrying a protesting Shake, and jumps in. Carl's legs follow suit, and they are both electrocuted, then blown up by the devices. Meatwad just calls dibs on the yellow armchair in the living room.


  1. Carl and Master Shake are both electrocuted and caught in an explosion.


  • If you look closely into Carl's visor, you can see on the horse is the whore he had at his house in "The Clowning".
  • The eHelmet was based off a real idea that Japanese were developing, but discovered it caused horrible neck problems.
  • Master Shake's straw is never seen in this episode.
  • This is both Shake's and Carl's third death in this season.
  • Those bugs didn't look like bee's they looked like flies.
  • The piano tune the eAno upgrades were playing is "Happy Stride Piano" by Eric Gemsa.