Eggball is the 92nd episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the fourth episode of season seven.


Master Shake builds a pinball machine dedicated to his "incredible adventures." It has 18 flippers, a fountain in the middle, and foot pedals to raise the angle of the game, and he claims the pinball is the egg of a rare flightless bird. While he is showing Frylock that it doesn't tilt, it falls and breaks. He tries to get a repairman to fix it, but Meatwad cooks his pinball eggs for breakfast. The repairman doesn't have a replacement so he leaves. Meatwad suggests they go find the bird Shake described and raise it so he can get more pinball eggs.

The trio parachute on Death Island to capture this rare animal. There they discover a bunch of creepy stuff such as an old map and skeletons. They come across an odd bird, but Shake says it won't do even though it's laying pinball eggs. He then kills the bird for food. That night, Shake wants to go back home, but they have no way to get home. Meatwad says they could take two jet skis that are lying around, but Shake keeps interrupting him. Shake tells them how to master their finances all the way to taking a nap. Frylock starts hearing noises, but Shake tells him to go to bed.

Frylock and Meatwad take the jet skis back to the house without Shake. Frylock then grabs Shake's stuff and drags it to the curb. Shake wakes up to find that he's in chains. Another bird comes and tells him they will use him for pinball. Shake doesn't know what the bird is saying because it only speaks in turkey gobbles. He starts hitting the points and winning the game. But he misses the flipper. At the end Shake is badly beaten, and tells the bird he can't understand it. Two other birds come and say that the first bird speaks only in "turkey clucks." Suddenly, the ground starts shaking. The birds say their "god" Rudy who is angry and to run (the turkey bird says to sacrifice Shake). It turns out that Rudy is a giant baby. Shake calls him a "Big-Gay baby" which angers him, causing him to shoot lasers from his eyes at Shake, destroying the island and killing Shake in the process. It turns out that the birds were trying to use the island as a tourist destination, but Rudy has ruined their business. One of them thinks he should be tested, but another one says, "I'm not having doctors poking around in my giant gay baby."


  1. One of the birds is killed by Shake Frylock and Meatwad to be cooked.
  2. Master Shake is blasted by Rudy's lasers.
  3. Rudy presumably drowns after the island sinks.