Emory is one of the Plutonians, and one of multiple alien characters that appear in Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He is Oglethorpe's assistant and only friend.


Emory, is a thin and green-skinned Plutonian. With multiple spikes protruding from his body that can be used as arms when needed. He also wears a sweatband and beside that piece of apparel, usually doesn't wear any clothing, much like Oglethorpe.


Emory is smarter than Oglethorpe, as Emory has tried to reason in certain situations that Oglethorpe has not, though he is still extremely unintelligent. He seems to be more patient than his friend but has also been known to snap at people. He is also very compliant with Oglethorpe's orders, although often reluctantly (regardless of how ridiculous they are).


Emory can squirt foul-smelling "soap" from his spikes. He claims he uses it to clean the ship, but Frylock believes the substance is actually waste material. This concept of squirting soap has not been mentioned since "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto."

Relationships with Other Characters[]

Since Emory is compliant with almost everything Oglethorpe orders him to do, it's hard to decipher how he truly feels about the other characters.


Oglethorpe and Emory are often depicted to be in the same situation that Frylock and Master Shake are in. They seem to hate each other, without giving any indication as to why to continue being friends. Emory seems to be aware that Oglethorpe is unintelligent and easy-to-anger, yet he continues to stand by Oglethorpe's side. Though he has been known to lash out on Oglethorpe in certain instances, such as in the film.

The Mooninites[]

Unlike Oglethorpe, Emory had little interest in getting revenge against Ignignokt and Err in "Spacecataz." He doesn't even appear to be fazed by their pranks in the episode, and even found Err's prank calls funny. This could imply that if Emory didn't interact with Oglethorpe so much, Emory would be a bit of a pacifist.

Aqua Teens and Carl[]

Emory and Shake have spoken to each other very seldom, so there's not much to say about what they think of one another. Emory seems to be polite with Frylock, who considers Emory and Oglethorpe too incompetent to "take over a bowl full of jello." As far as viewers can tell, Emory and Meatwad have never spoken to each other. Emory and Carl have interacted in the film, but Emory didn't say anything, and Carl chose to speak to the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future instead.



  1. Frat Aliens: Oglethorpe and Emory are flung into space.
  2. Spacecataz: Dies in an explosion along with Ignignokt, Err, and Oglethorpe after accidentally starting up their ship's self destruct sequence.
  3. Global Grilling: Oglethorpe and Emory are presumably killed by the grill beam as it burns through the ozone layer and into space, destroying their ship.
  4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Theme: Emory's ship is blown up.
  5. "Markula the Slumlord": Multiple baby spiders burst out of him.


  • He is named after Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • If one includes all 13 Season 3 cold openings, Emory has made more non-speaking appearances than any other villain.

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