The bag, with chips emptied out.

Enchiladitos is a brand of authentic seasoned tortilla chips made by Mexicans (according to the bag). The latest flavored variation of this snack now contains 73% corn. They debuted in the Season 2 episode Super Bowl, and appeared a few times later in the series as well as in Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am.


The chips contain ground corn, nacho ranch, possibly zesty ranch flavor, and a ranch dust substance at the bottom of the bag. Not much else is known about the ingredients, except for that they "make you wanna eat em'!" according to the jingle Meatwad sung when he ate them.



Frylock holding the tickets.

While most brand-name retail products contain toys and other items of nominal value, two tickets to the Super Bowl may be offered as an incentive to buy Enchiladitos. A certain bag of Enchiladitos may contain these. In the Season 2 episode Super Bowl, Meatwad found two tickets within the ranch dust at the bottom of the bag. The tickets are somehow designed or tampered with so that if activated correctly, a hologram will project the image of a dancing Enchiladito chip, propped with a sumbrero, ukulele and boots. This image will dance and sing "Congratulations consumer! You're going to the Super Bowl!" or "Ay ay ay ay! I am Enchiladito!" which is a reference to the classic Frito mascot Frito Bandito, who sang "Ay ay ay ay! I am the Frito Bandito!"

Health hazards[]


The results of consuming too many Enchiladitos.

Eating too many Enchiladitos may result in serious medical problems. This was tested on Master Shake, when he tried to find the other two tickets by consuming what appeared to be hundreds of bags instead of dumping them out. He later felt nauseous, and collapsed while regurgitating digested Enchiladito chips. He was soon diagnosed with diabetes and cancer.

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