"Escape From Leprechaupolis" is the second episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Dr. Weird builds a machine which shoots massive rainbows that can grab people and throw them violently, but it is mysteriously stolen during a blackout. The culprits are three leprechauns, who concoct a nefarious plot to send people e-mails promising gold if they go to a local park and step into the rainbow; the rainbow then sucks up the victim, where the leprechauns can mug them for their "treasure" even though they mostly steal junk and shoes. The Aqua Teens get involved when both Frylock and Carl receive the phony e-mails; Carl falls for the trick and has his gold chain stolen. Eventually, Frylock defeats the leprechauns with his eye lasers, while Meatwad delivers a bizarre speech about rainbows not being made from rainbows, but "happy thoughts, dreams," and various candy.


  • Snatch: Merle makes a comment about diamonds being in Antwerp in this episode. This is an allusion to the Guy Ritchie film Snatch, in which a diamond is heisted from a Jewish bank in Antwerp. Also, a line in the film said by the main character, Turkish, reads: "What do I know about diamonds? Don't they come from Antwerp?" which adds further heft to this allusion.
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast: During Meatwad's tender moment in the woods there is a shark that appears onscreen that goes by the name of "Old Kentucky Shark" which originated in the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode called "Kentucky Nightmare." It should also be noted that "Kentucky Nightmare" was the re-tooled version of "Baffler Meal," which would've been the first episode to feature the Aqua Teens.


  • When Shake runs up to the rainbow and gets abducted, his hand are entirely missing.


  • Carl has a box of kleenex and hand lotion on the night stand by his bed.
  • This is the first episode where Frylock is mad.
  • There are some changes that have occurred since the pilot. Carl's house now looks bad, the lawn between both homes is more defined and Meatwad's room has changed drastically in appearance.
  • One can see a picture of Frylock with a younger Dr. Weird. The photo has never been moved nor has it ever been explained in an episode. It was explained in the film that these two characters may have relations.
  • Several deleted scenes/endings of this episode are included as easter eggs on the ATHF Volume One DVD Box Set.