"Ezekiel" is the twelfth episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's fourth season and the 67th episode overall. It originally aired on December 17th, 2006.


Carl gets a knock on his door from a small Shake look-a-like. Carl tells him to go to the next door. The milkshake is believed to be Shake’s long lost son, despite Shake never having sex before. Master Shake doesn't accept him at first, but he and the others let the milkshake in after he cries and starts to run away. Meatwad gives him the name Jesus Ezekiel Jesus and Frylock tells him he can stay until he gets old enough to work security at the mall. Although Ezekiel likes this idea, Shake wants him to be a professional basketball player. Shake and Ezekiel try to play some basketball, but Ezekiel doesn't like it. They then try some tennis, but discover that Shake's not very good with that either, which he blames Ezekiel for. Irritated, Shake then tries to kill himself with Carl's car. After Carl berates him for making the car smell like exhaust, he hands Shake a steak knife and tells him to go kill himself on his own lawn. Meatwad comes outside as Shake explains that he wants his son to watch him slit his own throat so he'll feel guilty about "what he's doing to me". Meatwad tells Shake that Ezekiel is inside the house playing chess with the Chess Dragon. When they check it out, Ezekiel beats the frustrated Chess Dragon. Shake gets excited, but Frylock breaks the news to him that Ezekiel is not his son and that he never had sex. Frylock explains that Ezekiel is actually older than Shake - he claims he's 4,000 years old - to which Shake replies, "Right, like there's two talking milkshakes!" The Chess Dragon then crashes through the ceiling, picks up Ezekiel, and flies off with him. Frylock says, "There were."


  1. Ezekiel is presumably killed by Chess Dragon.


  • Comedian Patton Oswalt -- the voice of Ezekiel -- is credited under the pseudonym of "Shecky Chucklestein."
  • Ezekiel later appears in a picture with Shake playing tennis in the season five episode "Dummy Love".
  • This episode establishes that Meatwad is mentally retarded when he says, "No one beats the Chess Dragon not even me, and I'm retarded".
  • This episode and Freda confirm that Shake doesn't have genitals.
  • In the scene where the ball didn't want to go in it is slowed down.