"Fightan Titan" is the 7th episode of Season 9 and 117th overall of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Frylock watches the news. The news bulletin says: "Seattle, New Jersey Under Attack". The attacker of the city is revealed to be Paul, the giant destructive monster with the domestic problems and heroin addiction who used to rent the Aqua Teens' house while Markula had them cocooned in the desert. As before, he is ranting incoherently about his whore of a girlfriend while ripping whole buildings to pieces.

The Aqua Teens build a robot in an attempt to stop Paul, and they ask Carl for help. Carl, noting the presence of the "booby cannons", wants a "dong" for the robot to offset its femininity, because he "ain't riding in no woman robot; they're inferior, that's why we pay them less." After several minutes of arguing, Frylock finally agrees to weld a penis on the robot so Carl will agree to operate the arms. Master Shake demands to operate the head, since he's "the loudest person he knows", but eventually accepts the legs. Meatwad is assigned to ride in the head with Frylock and "operate the mustache".

Despite the city continuing to be destroyed in the background, Meatwad grabs the arms when Frylock isn't looking and sneaks off in them to the park. Shake also declares he's taking the legs for a "test drive" and heads to the disco. Neither of these outings end well, with Meatwad horribly crushing several cats and a dog while trying to pet them, as well as accidentally hurling a random old lady a mile out to sea while trying to help her cross the street. He returns impaled on one of the fingers, having tried to pick his nose with the machine. Shake, meanwhile, smashed all the floor lights at the disco with his oversized robot legs, and picked a fight with the bouncer when he objected, causing him to get badly beaten up and have the legs confiscated, leaving the Fightan Titan with no means of conveyance. Frylock is thus forced to ask Carl to drive the robot on top of his car, which he agrees to, so long as they make a "pit stop" in Boston first so he can harass the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park by humping the left field wall with the Titan's robot dong.

After all these delays, they finally drive into the city on top of 2 Wycked, only for Carl to take one look at Paul and decide to abandon the team in a hurry, taking his car with him. Frylock glumly states they are finished, but they then suddenly come up with a plan: confront Paul verbally, and calm him down by inquiring about his life.

Upon hearing their feigned interest about his problems, Paul stops smashing up the city and screaming about his wife and starts anxiously confiding his many marital problems to the Aqua Teens: Paul and his wife have apparently reconciled following their last bitter dispute, but are now on the rocks again because Paul suspects her of sleeping with his Dad. Rather than stating the obvious, Frylock and Meatwad are forced to make supportive cooing noises and blatantly flatter Paul's insanity, waiting for Shake to finally kill him with the Boobie Cannons, but he suddenly announces they'll need to wait 45 minutes for the cannons to charge!

Police cars and tanks eventually surround them all while they sit in the demolished city center, no choice but to continue smiling and nodding and flattering all of Paul's insane delusions about his various life problems while the cannon slowly charges.


  1. Meatwad accidentally crushes a cat.


  • Paul is returning after appearing in Couples Skate which makes this his 2nd apperance. He is still experiencing marital problems with his wife and is still perpetually enraged and destructive.
  • The news warning shows their setting to be in Seattle, New Jersey.
  • The Aqua Teens remember Paul from when he destroyed their roof, though none of them were present when he did that.
  • Paul however doesn't remember them.
  • This is the 2nd episode to open with the extended opening theme.
  • The News Scroll says humorous remarks, such as "Random person watching fake scroll on cartoon", or "cat does something cute on internet".
  • Shake mentions having "a lot of p's in Open Season 3". A reference to his voice actor, Dana Snyder, voicing Alistair, a character in that movie.
  • The episode is dedicated to the memory of Billie Reaves, Dave Willis' real life Granny, who passed away after this, her final appearance on ATHF. She voices the unfortunate elderly woman who Meatwad accidentally hurls into the ocean while trying to help her cross the street. Granny Reaves had previously voiced another anonymous old lady in the episode "Dirtfoot" where she basically reenacts an absurd version of "Bruno Sardine: Private Inbreastigator", accidentally killing Dirtfoot with a stack of swords and then having her top magically disappear for no reason.