Foodie Mart

The Aqua Teens standing in front of the Foodie Mart.


  The Foodie Mart is a fictional convenience/grocery store in New Jersey that is used by the Aqua Teens and other residents. Residents are able to buy food, lottery tickets and more there. The store first appears in the episode "The Meat Zone" and appears again in "Remooned" when the Mooninites try to cash a check at the store. The Mooninites end up destroying and robbing the store. The store is seen yet again in "Juggalo" when Shake turns against the angel and is hanging out with Beelzebub and his posse. Shake eventually gets fed up with being pushed around by the angel and ends up killing himself. The fourth time this store is seen is "Intervention," as Meatwad drags Carl here to get him a chili burrito for him to fart into the breath analyzer, where they were caught by Carl's parole officer.

Featured selling points[]

  • Papers
  • Beer
  • Milk
  • Soda
  • Snacks
  • Cigarettes
  • Gas
  • Cheese


  • The song playing inside the Foodie Mart is an extended "level complete" tune from Moon Master.