Fourth wall

The fourth wall is a theatre term referring to the audience. This term means there are three walls on stage, one to the left, one to the left, and one to the right, as well as an imaginary fourth wall in front within their play. To break the fourth wall means to show awareness of the audience or things outside of it.

Season 1

In Intervention

  • At the end, Shake clicks on a pop-up add that says, "Congratulations! You've just finished another episode!!! Click here to start the super end credits!"

Season 2

In Super Computer

  • Ignignokt looks at the camera and says, "Try having Omelettes now, Denver," then jumps to the camera and asks, "Did you hear what I said, Denver," flipping off the camera, "or should I turn it up for you?"

Season 3

In Gee Whiz

  • The fourth wall is broken several times in this episode. After Meatwad asks Frylock what are "Standards and Practices", they both look at the camera before starting the video.
  • Throughout the episode, each time a word is censored, an "X" sign will appear on the screen.
  • After Meatwad says, "I don't understand any of that shit," Frylock responds, " That's okay, Meatwad. No one else will either." Then he smiles towards the camera.
  • At the end, Frylock breaks the fourth wall once again by saying, "Well, I'm sure glad that isn't blood," turning towards the viewers, "I would've been motherfucking offended out of my fucking ass." Shake also turn towards the viewers saying, "Me too, you motherfucking dick suck."

Season 4

In Boost Mobile

  • Shake looks at the screen while advertising the Boost Mobile throughout the episode.
  • Before the credits starts, Meatwad asks Axe Body Spray that he could get him something but Axe Body Spray says that he's in the credits.

In Deleted Scenes

  • Shake and Meatwad shows clips to viewers.

In Global Grilling

  • Shake looks at the screen and tells the audience to eat their boogers.

Season 5

In The Marines

Season 6

In Time Machine

  • Frylock looks at the screen explaining about the year 8008.

Season 7

In A PE Christmas

  • Shake looks at the screen and explains about something changed him at the survey.

In Rubberman

  • Meatwad wishes to have Samuel L. Jackson on the show.

In Eggball

  • Shake says that Family Guy has a pinball machine and why doesn't he have one.

In One Hundred

  • The fourth wall was broken many times throughout the episode episode. The 100 Monster tries to tell Frylock about the 100th episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • Shake takes a flight to Century City, California to confront the Adult Swim executives, in which it appears to be Dana Snyder in a Shake costume, about being underpaid for years.
  • During the end credits, Dana Snyder shows the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad episode to the Adult Swim executives which they don't like it because of the rape jokes are becoming too far. Dana says he'll be glad to change it but the executives aren't interested.

Season 8

In Allen Part One

  • Frylock says that the new show isn't going well, but Shake disagrees.

In Freedom Cobra

  • At the ending, Shake says, "No one can tell that i'm sad," then looks at the camera, "after I've eaten them!"

In Vampirus

  • Frylock pulls out the Volume Six DVD but mistakenly calls it season 8.

In Lasagna

  • Lance advertises his products from ScamWow.

Season 9

In The Granite Family

  • The fox looks at the viewers and says, "Sundays at nine."

Season 10

In Banana Planet

  • After Frylock introduces themselves, Meatwad sings the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song.

In Working Stiffs

  • After Carl, Meatwad, and Shake discuss about the assassination, Meatwad claims that he's going to buy the cable when he gets the cut. After Carl asks Meatwad that he's out of his mind, all three looked at the camera and says, "You're stupid."

Season 11

In The Greatest Story Ever Told

  • Shake and Meatwad watches the previous episode and says it was some last weekend.
  • In the post credit scene, the Aqua Teens and Carl mentions the end of the series.


In Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm

  • The Mooninites break the wall several times throughout the film by hijacking the movie such as deleting scenes, rewinding and fast forwading, pausing the movie to advertise or taunt the audience, etc.
  • In the post credits, Shake turns into a bat and says "I smell a sequel".