"Frat Aliens" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 37th episode overall. It originally aired on November 30th, 2003.


Cold open: Steve comes back from lunch and Dr. Weird asks where his is. Steve tells Dr. Weird that he didn't get any for him because Dr. Weird says eating "makes him really crazy." Angered, Dr. Weird pulls his brain out of his head and yells "This makes me really crazy!" and falls over. The brain tells Steve to "give me some fries, boy!" and chases Steve with lasers.

Carl has installed an ultra high-tech security system to keep the Aqua Teens out of his pool. The major problem is the light beams used with the security system- they're so bright that not only can Frylock not sleep, but they can also be seen from space.
Meantime, in space, a pair of alien fraternity brothers named D.P. and Skeeter have crashed into the Plutonians' ship after going on a drunken joyride through space in their own ship. With a fraternity pledge in tow, they decide to head down to Earth after they spot Carl's security system. Again, D.P. crashes the ship. When he gets out, he immediately begins wanting to pick a fight with Carl but Skeeter calms him down. D.P. then tries to hit on both Frylock and Meatwad causing Master Shake to question his sexuality for the remainder of the episode to Meatwad's anger before vomiting and passing out on the Aqua Teens' front lawn. Skeeter bolts, leaving D.P. and the pledge whom they named "Ass Head" on Earth.

When D.P. wakes up the next morning he and Shake decide to drink a little more but Shake quickly becomes drunk off of very little beer. Frylock tries to get Skeeter to take D.P. home, but Skeeter tricks Frylock into giving him a ride. D.P. doesn't make it home, and is instead obliterated by lasers from Carl's security system. The Plutonians return to their ship and are sucked into space through the hole the frat boys made.


  1. Dr. Weird pulls out his own brain.
  2. Pledge presumably dies of alcohol poisoning.
  3. D.P. is slaughtered by Carl's security system.
  4. Emory and Oglethorpe are thrown into space.
  5. When they are ready to go swimming frylock has his towel, But when they walk up to Carl, Frylock's towel is missing, But in the next scene, His towel reappears.


  • A running gag in this episode is D.P. mentioning that his dad owns a dealership.
  • The sound effect used for the stump on D.P.'s fake ID is a howler monkey screaming played backwards.
  • Stickers inside Skeeter's car: "You may not like us, but your girlfriend does." "Dave Matthews Cover Band Cover Band." "Thank you for POT smoking."
  • When Frylock, D.P. and a drunken Shake are in Frylock's room, Shake is dancing with the cardboard cut-out woman from "Ol' Drippy."
  • Carl's security system is very inconsistent in this episode. At first, the lasers are very hot (capable of deflating a pool toy) and activate more lasers to destroy the offending object. Moments later, Shake's sunglasses are destroyed, but no extra lasers are deployed to completely annihilate them. When the Frat Aliens' ship crash lands on Earth, the lasers are solid. D.P. mentions getting his "probe" cut off by the lasers, which presumably didn't fire more lasers at him. At the end of the episode, the lasers, once again, activate more lasers to destroy D.P.

Allusions and References[]

  • Meatwad asks Shake if what he's watching is The Jeffersons, an allusion to the show of the same name.
  • While denying being gay or bi-curious, Meatwad's outfit seems remarkably similar to the style worn by the biker member of the famous and commonly gay themed band "The Village People".
  • D.P.: "Are you holdin'?... Did William Holden come to the party last night?"
    A reference to the actor, William Holden. Also an indirect reference used to indicate the possession of any marijuana by an individual.
  • D.P.: "You got Holden Caulfield in there?"
    Holden Caulfield is the main character of the book "Catcher In The Rye."