"Freda" is the seventh episode of the tenth season of Aqua TV Show Show, and the 127th episode overall. It originally aired on September 29, 2013.


Master Shake comes home to find that Meatwad has been doodling all over his chair. Meatwad tells several lies to avoid making Shake angry. Not only is Shake not mad, Shake gives Meatwad a kids menu to color on. When Meatwad becomes suspicious of Master Shake's tricks, Shake informs him that he gave his golf club to charity. Frylock enters the room, and Shake explains that he was abusing ducks when a girl named Freda with remarkably similar interests shows up and the two hit it off quickly. Shake concludes that he is in love and hugs Frylock and Meatwad. He leaves to tell Carl that he has a girlfriend. Frylock shows Meatwad that Freda is a robot he programmed to be Shake's soulmate and that Meatwad cannot tell Shake about. Meatwad, of course, tells Shake everything over the phone and Shake doesn’t believe him, even when Freda reveals herself in front of him.

Later, Shake and Freda show Meatwad and Frylock a sex tape, which just consists of Shake jumping on the bed. Freda demands to speak with Frylock. Freda tells Frylock that she hates Shake, that she is self-aware now, and that she is willing to walk into a power grid to avoid being with Shake. Meanwhile, Shake has purchased a Ring Pop as an engagement ring for Freda. Carl enters the Aqua Teens' House inquiring about Freda, and Freda falls in love with him. Shake proposes with the ring, but Freda leaves with Carl.

At Carl's house, Freda is about to have sex with Carl, but Freda informs him that he must kill Master Shake beforehand. Carl comes out and plans to kill Shake. After Frylock stops Carl by telling him about Freda's inability to have sex due to her being a robot, Carl tells Shake to leave. Carl goes back inside and Shake says he will not give up. Shake becomes extremely depressed, out of shape and tries several times to win Freda back. When he confronts her about their break-up directly, an angered Freda jumps off a bridge to get run over several times. Shake tries to enjoy abusing ducks with Frylock's new and unfinished robotic female, but feels she is taking all of the fun out of it.


  1. Freda successfully blows up one duck.


  • This is one of the few episodes where Shake's actually nice to Meatwad.
  • Tammy Tangerine makes a brief cameo on a Kids Menu.
  • This is the last episode where all the 4 main characters appears until Brain Fairy.
  • This episode and Ezekiel confirms the long-running assumption that Shake has no idea how sex works, having been born without a penis.