Freedom Cobra is Master Shake's tattoo who forced him to eat people, and by "forced" we mean he just asked him to do it. He makes his first and only appearance in Freedom Cobra.

When Shake tried to get a tattoo for 5 dollars, the tattoo artist said there was only one tattoo he could give him for that price, but that they have to wait for a lightning storm to "install it". After which the tattoo, Freedom Cobra, started talking to Shake while he was sunbathing (in the rain), saying that it needs bones... human bones, Shake said that he has a dog he could eat, and Cobra accepts that for now.

After Shake ate the dog, he grew, or as he calls it "added on", now having a rocket and a pair of wings. Shake then gets to Carl's house, kills him with a chainsaw and then eats him, after which the tattoo grew to have Meatwad and Frylock being fed into a grinder and poured into his mouth. Frylock finds out what's going on and sends Shake to the doctor with the intention of removing the tattoo, but the doctor has his hands cut off and eaten by Shake under Freedom Cobra's demands. Shake is then shown with the tattoo now having stretched to his entire body, and he also had himself some plastic surgery, giving him a VERY unsettling appearance, he then says that now no one will tell him he's fat... "after i've eaten them!".


  • Freedom Cobra is most likely based on Audrey II/Jr. from (The) Little Shop of Horrors, as both characters have urban accents and both grow as they eat blood.