Freedom Cobra
Voiced by Gregory Alan Williams
Episode count 1
Age Unknown
Species Tattoo
Gender Male
Abilities Controlling people
Quote "Daddy's hungry. Daddy needs meat!"

Freedom Cobra is Master Shake's tattoo who forced him to eat people, especially Meatwad's dog, Carl and the Doctor's hands. He only appears in Freedom Cobra. Every time he fed he "grew", or as he calls it "added on". The first tattoo was Freedom Cobra with a sword and a Danger City: Population Me sign. Next he was riding a rocket, next Meatwad and Frylock were being fed into a grinder and poured into the mouth of him. His last add on was his body was all around Shake.


  • Freedom Cobra is probably based on Audrey II/Jr. from (The) Little Shop of Horrors since both characters have urban accents and both grow as they eat blood.