"Freedom Cobra" is the 4th episode of Season 8 and the 104th overall of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1.


Shake is around the park in Seattle, looking to getting laid by women, who whenever he talks to them, just ignore him. He accuses every single woman of being a lesbian, and commands Meatwad to release the dog... who attacks him. After witnessing a man with tattoos having his way with a nude woman, he still demands to release the dog, who once again goes after him. Back home, Shake comes to a belief that if he must get laid, he has to get a tattoo. After further attacks from the dog, Shake goes to a tattoo parlor for his own tattoo. The man tells him he's got one for Shake, but must wait for a lightning storm to "install it." Soon, Shake goes back home with the new tattoo, the Freedom Cobra. Shake goes back to the park, where it is raining, and the tattoo results in life, telling Shake he must feed on calcium; human bones. Shake tells him he's got a dog he could eat, and the next day, Shake is shown to have eaten it.

The Freedom Cobra tells Shake he must feast on the "meat", but Shake tells him he cannot eat Meatwad. He instead goes over to Carl's house, where he takes a chainsaw with him and murdered Carl, where he possibly might have eaten him. Back home, Shake's tattoo seems to have grown throughout most of his body. The tattoo shows Frylock and Meatwad being forced down a grinder, and fed to the Cobra. Frylock and Meatwad take Shake to their doctor, where they plan to have it removed, but instead has his hands sliced off and consumed by Shake, through the Freedom Cobra's demand. Shake is then shown with the tattoo grown throughout his entire body, and had himself some plastic surgery, giving him a VERY unnerving appearance. Shake then claims that now no one will tell he is fat... "after he's eaten them!".


  1. An unnamed dog is eaten by Master Shake.
  2. Carl is eaten by Master Shake.