Fry Legs is the 8th episode of season six and the 86th episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Frylock starts acting very strangely when he falls in love with a computer repair woman who doesn't return his affections. He builds fake legs and hair for himself, and he continually invites her over to fix his computer, which he keeps unplugging. When he says, "Give me a hug," she quickly leaves. Meatwad says, "She's just not that into you."

Frylock follows her to a restaurant. Her boyfriend Ray tells her, "Your mouth's good for one thing: Explaining. If old Freedom Fries doesn't understand, then he's just not listening."

Frylock accidentally reveals to them that he has recorded their conversations secretly. Ray breaks off a chair leg and challenges him to a fight, and Frylock easily kills him with his Ray, blowing his body into small pieces. The repair woman is horrified and disgusted, calling Frylock an animal and fleeing the scene. Frylock tries to give chase, but his legs malfunction and he finally decides to abandon the whole plan along with his legs when he hears police sirens approaching, scooping up Ray's remains and taking them with him. He returns to the Aqua Teen house dragging a bloody garbage bag full of Ray's remains and announcing "Turn off all the lights and lock the doors"; Meatwad innocently inquires how his date went, as if the answer wasn't obvious.

In short order a policeman played and voiced by George Lowe shows up at the door with several other officers and a police composite sketch of Frylock, demanding that Meatwad go get him so they can arrest him. But Meatwad unintentionally stalls by repeatedly asking the cop stupid questions and forgetting about Frylock, who is busy fusing Ray's severed body parts to himself in his room. Even the threat of a search warrant and charging Meatwad with harboring a fugitive doesn't improve his memory; he eventually inquires whether the spray can on George the cop's belt is deodorant and he gets a sarcastic answer and a face full of pepper spray for his trouble, which is when Frylock finally emerges from his room, completely transformed into a horribly disfigured, Frankenstein's monster version of Ray cobbled together from his destroyed body parts. An oversized cowboy hat covers Frylock's giant brain. Although George the cop notes that he looks like the guy whose murder they're investigating, he evidently is fooled and goes away.

Frylock meets the repair woman in the Flower Field, where she is shocked but pleased to see "Ray" alive. He accidentally breaks Ray's decomposing leg off trying to propose to her and falls and is unable to get up. When he tells her to give him a hug, she realizes it's not "Ray" but Frylock. Birds begin eating Ray's brain, and she suddenly admits that she has sex with animals now. Frylock is undaunted, saying it's probably his fault and they'll get counseling. She also explains that she's a CHUD, and that she transforms when she's exposed to sunlight. Frylock suggests that they live underground, but she says that she can't as it would directly impact her CHUD-like qualities. Frylock doesn't understand which makes her angry and she begins shrieking about how he never understands, and flees. Frylock tells Shake and Meatwad that he's single again, and Shake looks for her in the sewer. She grabs him by the head and kills him in an explosion of blood.


  1. Ray is blasted by Frylock's eye lasers.
  2. Master Shake is shredded by the Computer Repair Woman.


  • The CHUD creatures are a self reference to the 1984 horror movie of the same name.
  • When the police officer sprays Master Shake and Meatwad with pepper spray, their eyes look the same as they did in The.
  • Carl does not appear in this episode.