"Future Wolf II: Never Cry Wolf Origin of the Series" is an ATHF Volume Two DVD extra. It is a strange short film that tells an untrue story about how Aqua Teen Hunger Force came into existance.


A werewolf puppet known as "Future Wolf" is traveling through space in his "hair ship" to deliver his idea of a show called Aqua Teen Hunger Force which is destined to save the world. Unfortunately, the Earth blows up before he gets there. The narrator informs him that he must use the time gate (which is essentially just a metal gate) to go back to save the Earth. Several executives, including Khaki Jones, are not impressed by the script. Of course, Future Wolf attacks several crew members at the Turner company, and Khaki Jones turns into a werewolf. A new producer is brought in, but he has mistaken the show with a different show (possibly Sea Lab 2021). Future Wolf finally gets the show off the ground, after he builds two cyborgs to help him. The show first aired at 5 AM, and receives a rating of "0.2" which the narrator finds impressive. Nick Ingkatanuwat found the show very funny, but that's probably only because he was "wasted." Future Wolf decided to give the show sound, but gave up and decided to hire Schoolly D. He also hired voice-over actors to give the show a feeling of realism not found in "silent cartoons." Three years later, the show became popular enough to produce merchandise (mostly "plushies" and bottle openers). At a 2003 Christmas party, Future Wolf tries to convince an executive to do ... something, but the executive says he has to go as his wife is waiting on him, only to discover that "that's not [his] wife." The credits roll over Schoolly D performing the theme song in a recording booth.


  • Although it is only seen for a second or two, one can view the animation of Frylock turning upside to walk on his fries, which Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro found "scary."
  • Some of the characters based on real people were not played by their real world counterparts.