"Gene E." is the first episode of the sixth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 79th episode overall. It was originally featured as an episode on disc two of the ATHF Volume Six DVD Box Set and officially aired on March 29th, 2009.


The Aqua Teens are at a dump looking for jewels and other valuables to cash in, when they find a genie in a schnapps bottle. He is clothed only in genie boots and soiled underwear, but promises to grant wishes for food. They bring the Genie home and find out he's a homeless alcoholic who claims to be granting wishes (by grabbing his crotch) but actually doesn't do anything but make everybody invisible. He's also incapable of making anybody visible again, even after Frylock threatens him. At this point, Frylock locks him in a mason jar and Meatwad forgets to drill holes in the lid, causing Gene to turn blue and promptly suffocate. Frylock plans to dissect Gene in order to make an "invisibility vaccine from his genie gland", which he rapidly realizes he has no idea how to do once he's cut open Gene's body.

Carl shows up at the house visible, but shrunk to the same tiny size as Gene after his own interaction with him. He and Shake conspire to sneak into a women's rest room and film women "making a #2", but Shake scares the women off with his antics. Invisible Shake accidentally flushes Tiny Carl down the toilet when he see's that the toilet is motion activated and tests it out.

Meanwhile, Frylock is doing research on the internet and discovers that genies sometimes "turn others into little genies so they can have someone to drink with". Realizing this is probably what happened to Carl, he asks Shake where he went, since they can use him to turn them visible again. After Shake admits he flushed him down the toilet, they go looking for him at the sewer outlet pipe and find his lifeless, feces-smeared body, which nobody is willing to give CPR to, despite Frylock's request. They thus conclude they're going to have to wear underwear for visibility the rest of their lives, and go off discussing their future underwear attire. Meanwhile, the still alive Tiny Carl is dragged by ants into an anthill and apparently eaten alive, as suggested by his screams and the sound of chewing.


  1. Gene E. dies of oxygen deprivation.
  2. Carl is eaten by ants.


  • A clip from this episode was shown at Dragon*Con 2008.
  • Meatwad says that The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody was on Nickelodeon, but it was on Disney Channel. However, this could simply be a subtle reference to Meatwad's lack of knowledge.
  • This was the first episode since Moonajuana to use the regular short version of the CN Skull logo.