"Get Lit Upon a Situpon" is the fourth episode of the 12th season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 143rd episode overall. It aired on December 10, 2023.

Plot Summary[]

Master Shake has gained weight and is too fat to fit through the door to the house. A package arrives for them, introducing the Aqua Teens to the Situpon bicycle machine. Frylock starts using the Situpon, meanwhile Carl is using a cheaper, unstable Leprechaun machine. After sawing the door down, Shake brings home an old Walkulator treadmill, using Meatwad as his miniature TV screen. Shake then gives up after a short run and starts eating ice cream. Frylock, meanwhile, goes for countless days exercising on his Situpon and decides to quit as he needs to eat, only for the Situpon to taunt and mock him for stopping. During the night, the Situpon warns Frylock about a catastrophic earthquake approaching the planet and requests Frylock goes to the store to buy maple syrup. After acquiring the syrup, Frylock tells the others about the earthquake. The Situpon scolds Frylock for telling them, only to reveal he was faking it, much to Shake's delight. The next day, the Situpon tries to make amends with Frylock, only to then warn him about a comet approaching the Earth. Frylock has had enough and gives it away to Shake, wearing an Italian disguise to try to fool Frylock. The Situpon proceeds to insult Shake for his laziness, effectively making Shake self-conscious about his image. He rummages through Frylock's closet to find skinny jeans, meanwhile Meatwad gives Frylock a note from the Situpon, which he immediately scoffs off. The Aqua Teens then discover the Situpon bicycles ascending to the skies, ultimately proving the machine to be right about his warnings. As they take off to Situponius, a giant comet approaches the Earth as the Aqua Teens await their inevitable demise.


  • Ronnie Neeley, creator of the Dancing is Forbidden podcast, guest stars as a store clerk in this episode.
  • This is one of the only episodes to address that the Aqua Teen House has a door in the shape of Master Shake.
  • When donning the Italian stereotype disguise, Shake's fake name references Super Mario.
  • The promotional poster for Season 12 is referenced from this episode's ending.