In "Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula" an unnamed ghost

(Ghost of Smiley Junction) haunted the Aqua Teen House. At first he was completely invisible and was trying to get the attention of the Aqua Teens by writing on the walls, having their possessions fly around, flooding the house with blood, and having Frylock's phone bite Shake's finger. Meatwad is the only one to acknowledge him at first, as Frylock and Master Shake were too distracted playing Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula on Frylock's phone to notice anything. Meatwad, who was seeking their attention all day, tried to help the ghost by first threatening suicide and then shooting himself in the head (which had no effect at all). He then instructed the ghost to blow up the house.

With the phone destroyed in the process, the ghost gained the attention of Frylock and Master Shake. The ghost explained that he was from Smiley Junction, a city dubbed the "City of the Future". The U.S. army accidentally tested a nuclear bomb on Smiley Junction, mistaking it for Hawaii. As a result, then-president Harry S. Truman surrounded the entire city with tall and thick lead walls, making it impossible to escape. Everyone in the community died.

Frylock assumed the ghost was in the house as it had lead walls and would keep out cell phone signals. Frylock mentioned that cell phone signals kill ghosts, which came as a surprise to the ghost who didn't know that. The ghost went on to explain that all he wanted to do was order food. Upon hearing that cell phone signals kill ghosts, the ghost tried to get the Aqua Teens to to organize a benefit concert with Meat Loaf to raise awareness. Frylock suggested that he open his own pizza restaurant, which he agrees is a good idea.

Over hearing Meat Loaf's name Carl steps in and explains his second cousin gave him a hand job, and then called her on his cell phone to berate her. The signal kills the ghost, but the "ghost of the ghost" then appears. He is soon killed again, when Carl uses the cell phone again in order to call his second cousin back.

This leads to a continuous series of ghost incarnations approaching the Aqua Teens, with each being killed only to be replaced by the next incarnation of the ghost, much to the Aqua Teens' amusement.

The ghost and all of his subsequent incarnations were voiced by Brooks Braselman.