"Global Grilling" is the seventh episode of the 4th season and the 62nd episode overall. It originally aired on November 12, 2006.


The show begins as Master Shake is spitting in a kiddie pool for Meatwad, in an attempt to make a "Mucus Man." When Shake runs out of mucus to spit, he goes to lick Carl's doorknob, but Frylock then tells them that they need a grill to heat the mucus so they can shape it. While Frylock prepares a small, wooden grill which uses sticks to heat, an unimpressed Shake buys a radioactive, environmentally-unfriendly, illegally-imported grill named "Char-Nobyl 6000." After turning it on, it shoots a radio-active beam up into the air, and it is too hot to turn off afterwards.

Shake forgets to turn the grill off and later in the night, Frylock wakes up to find that Shake has the thermostat set to 242 degrees! It then shows the Aqua Teens house from the outside, which is melting from the excessive heat. After several failed attempts to turn the grill off, a tidal wave washes up on the Aqua Teens house, and it is revealed to be a melted Polar ice cap. Carl is shown trapped in his flooded house, rescuing his father's amateur porn. A polar bear eats most of Meatwad's body, and Frylock is still unable to turn the grill off.

Mucus Man then breaks out of the Aqua Teens' roof and has come to life by the heat of the grill. He then takes over the planet and enslaves Carl and the Aqua Teens, where for the next 12 years they are forced to spit in kiddie pools to make more Mucus Men. Meatwad is then chosen to be their leader, who orders Mucus Men to congest Carl after he refuses to spit anymore. Afterwards, Frylock is then shown, still showing the instructions of the wooden grill shown earlier in the episode. It is revealed that the whole thing was Shake daydreaming and he then looks at the screen and says "You must eat your boogers, America, for the sake of your grandchildrens' lives!"


  1. The Plutonians are presumably killed by the grill beam as it burns through the ozone layer and into space, destroying their ship.
  2. Carl is congested by two Mucus Men.


  • The grill's name is "Char-Nobyl" which is a reference to the nuclear disaster of the city of Chernobyl, Ukraine.
  • The Plutonians's spaceship makes an appearance in this episode, blown up by the grill.
  • Shake breaks the fourth wall when he says his last line to the viewer.
  • President George Washington and former Heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman are mentioned by Shake and Frylock when arguing about the latter's "environmentally friendly grill".
  • This is the first time the animation of the Earth's destruction is used. The second time was in "The Granite Family."