The Hairy Bus is well... a sentinent Hairy Bus who makes his first and only appearance in "The Hairy Bus".

While Carl is using Meatwad to steal "Popcorn Makers" (cattles) from cars all over the parking lot, they end up coming across The Hairy Bus, and while Carl is at first exicted to see it, calling it "The ultimate party vehicle" and talking about its many features, he soon orders Meatwad to steal his cattle as well. Though after he sees how strangely fleshy the parts are and hears some screams of pain, the bus reveals himself to be sentient and orders them to put the cattle (his intestine) back, but Carl and Meatwad simply leave him to die.

Back at Carl's house, he refuses to achnowledge what happened at the parking lot to Meatwad, but the bus comes to ask if they were trying to kill him, and after Carl tells him he's not actually alive, he tells them his origin story. He's the result of the unholy union between man and bus, many years ago a druken batchelor made love to a bus, after which nine months later it birthed two hideous spawns of satan, twin busses covered in diesel and flem, after which they were driven away from the village they came from and were forced to live in the forest, hosting parties for animals and then feasting on them, leading to current day, where he pretends to be a normal party bus to trick people into getting inside him, and then eating them purely for sadistic pleasure.

Carl then treathens to call the cops on him, but the Hairy Bus blackmails Carl to put back his intestine so that he dosen't reveal footage of Carl stealing cattles from every car in the parking lot the bus recorded. Carl gets Frylock to put it back, but the intestine has already rotted away, so the bus instructs them to get the intestine from his brother The Flesh Train, another sentient bus whom is much nicer than his sibling, and stupid enough to accept getting his intestine taken. But after Carl kills him and gets the intestine, Frylock decides instead to blow up the Hairy Bus (and a partially digested Shake inside him) by shoving a stick of dynamite in his exhaust pipe.

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