"Hand Banana" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 60th episode overall. It originally aired on October 29th, 2006.


Frylock genetically engineers a dog for Meatwad using the "Make Your Own Dog 1.0" software, Carl's pool, and Master Shake's hand DNA. Meatwad names the dog "Hand Banana". The dog seems to be most interested in raping Carl.

Hand Banana can speak so that his words are heard only by Carl, who is immediately unnerved by Hand Banana's clearly-menacing but initially-mysterious threat, "Tonight... you." Since Hand Banana's speech cannot be heard by Frylock, Master Shake, or Meatwad -- to them, Hand Banana plays the guileless, capering pup -- Carl appears either hallucinatory or simply deranged to the Aqua Teens for the majority of the episode. Hand Banana breaks into Carl's house and rapes him. After Carl complains to the Aqua Teens, Hand Banana calls Carl & pretending to be Frylock, tells him a lie that he took Hand Banana to the pound.

Carl lays in his backyard with his ass exposed, because he doesn't care what his only apparent neighbors, the Aqua Teens, think of him. Hand Banana comes from behind and rapes him again. Carl fills every hole in his body with glue, and Hand Banana, a pastry chef & expert in CPR, saves him, but only so he can rape him again.

Carl creates his own genetically engineered dog. He names it "The Enforcer", though it prefers the name "Spaghetti". He orders Spaghetti to rape Hand Banana, but Spaghetti refuses, and instead rapes Carl as Hand Banana literally jumps in.

Frylock and Shake see the rape out of the window and see that Carl was telling the truth about everything. Frylock says that it turns out later in the episode that the software "Make Your own Dog 1.0" is illegal in 80 countries and has adverse side-effects, such as the dog forming a mental link with members of the owner's family (in this case Carl), which explains why only Carl could hear him, and why he raped Carl. Having seen it for himself, Frylock has the doors locked to avoid the problems. The episode ends with Shake masturbating in Frylock's room as he watches Carl being raped. Frylock tells him to go in his room, but Shake replies that he doesn't have one.


The Show[]

  • Spaghetti has Carl's voice when he is created, but when Hand Banana is created, he has his own voice.
  • This is the favorite episode of Dana Snyder.
  • The Make Your Own Dog 1.0 box has "PARVO VIRUS" on the front, a reference to the canine parvovirus found in dogs.
  • in this episode Shake says he doesn't have his own bedroom. it is implied throughout the series that he sleeps in the livingroom in front of the TV.
  • There are two soundtracks to this episode: one with Carl talking in a normal voice, and another with Carl's voice distorted like Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future (close captioned as "R2-D2 voice") and including a laugh track (close captioned as "(audience laughing)"), broadcast on 2017-04-01 (April Fools Day 2017).