Honest Abe Lincoln's Hot Links
Honest Abe
Voiced by Justin Roiland
Episode count 1
Species Cougar-Sausage Hybrid
Gender Male

Honest Abe Lincoln's Hot Links is a mascot that only appeared in "Mouth Quest". The creature has red skin, a large top hat, pointed ears, two yellow eyes, four paws, and a beard. The body of the Hot Links mascot is made from sausages and he bears a striking resemblance to Abraham Lincoln, the president that the product is named after. 

In "Mouth Quest", he is seen destroying the nearby city while the Aqua Teens are promoting Lincoln's Hot Links. When the Aqua Teens go outside to observe him, the mascot lunges in front of them but is interrupted by Toby leaving the studio and stopping production for the day. After this, he and the Aqua Teens begin to argue about promoting the sausages more. After a bit of bickering, he forces Meatwad to say the product's name but is unable to due to his clay mouth becoming lost. For the remainder of the episode, the Hot Links mascot tags along with the Aqua Teens in search of Meatwad's mouth. 


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