"Hoppy Bunny" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 74th episode overall. It originally aired on February 17th, 2008.


Carl is at home watching a commercial, which guarantees him that if he orders their recorder, "every vagina on Earth will be [his]." Carl actually falls for this scam, and orders the product. The Aqua Teens inquire as to what could be in the package, but Carl quickly takes it inside. As Carl watches the instructional DVD included with the recorder, the musical instrument shoves wires into Carl's mouth and throughout his entire body. A strange being known as Hoppy Bunny appears and tells him to put on a strange, green costume. Later, the Aqua Teens hear Carl playing the recorder outside, and they decide to investigate. They find Hoppy Bunny with Carl; his skin turned a shade of green, his skull cap taken the shape of a phrygian hat, his toes curled like curly shoes and his ears become pointy like an elf's, but Frylock loses interest and decides to leave.

Frylock later asks Shake where his cigarettes are and finds out that Shake has agreed to let a group of people in animal costumes dance on the Aqua Teens' lawn. Frylock finds Meatwad playing a game with the "furries" in which he makes a gesture with his arms and the "furries" say "Oh yeah!" Frylock does not approve and performs a test on Carl to help him. He finds that the wires extend to every part of Carl's body. Carl then leads Frylock to the street, where Carl hopes to find a car to run over him. Enraged, Frylock takes Shake's gun and tries to kill Carl until he realizes that the gun is not loaded. Shake calls the store that sold it to him to complain, but Frylock says he doesn't have time. Shake asks him, "WHAT DO YOU HAVE TIME FOR?!" In the next scene, Shake is giving Frylock a back massage, but then Shake steals the jewel in Frylock's back. Shake proclaims, "I HAVE THE POWER OF A THOUSAND SUNS!!" He then tries to haggle with a pawn shop clerk over the value of the jewel (Shake receives $12 and a stereo). The episode ends with the pawn shop clerk flying over Aqua Teen House proclaiming that he has "the power of a thousand suns."


  • Several Furry People are set on fire and possibly killed as well by Shake and the Pawn Shop Clerk when using Frylock's jewel.
  • Frylock is set on fire when he lands on the candle and is unable to escape due to his jewel being stolen by Shake.


  • Carl's fate in this episode is very similar to to "The Clowning". In both episodes he gets tricked into using something to try attracting ladies, but ends up getting hideously deformed to the point where he can't even speak and is begging to be killed.
  • The people who appear at the end of the commercial are the same guys from the commercials from "Super Computer" and "Dickesode."
  • Though the show barely has any continuity, it is revealed that the gem in Frylock's back gives him the ability to levitate, as he is seen sitting in the chair for the first time after the gem is ripped out by Shake.
  • Scott Adsit is credited as C. Puppington, an obvious reference to Morel Orel, another [adult swim] show, due to the fact Adsit does play Orel's father Clay Puppington on that show.
  • According to the Volume 6 DVD commentary, this episode radically changed throughout the development process. At one point, Carl was supposed to "summon rats" with his recorder. Later down the road, Frylock and Hoppy Bunny were supposed to form an intimate relationship and Carl would become a griffin and slaughter everyone. Furthermore, Hoppy Bunny was originally named "King Furry."