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"Hypno-Germ" is the twelfth episode of the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 54th episode overall. It originally aired on October 17, 2004.


Shake contracts Hypno-Germs from a gas station toilet, and is forced into doing a number of insane things. Frylock attempts to cure Shake by injecting him with Mexican Jumping Beans to combat the Germs, and what follows is a beautiful theatrical spectacular fun for the whole family.

The Hypno-Germs' only interest is mind control... and creating outlandish off-Broadway plays, after drinking on the weekends.


  • This is the first episode to use "asshole" uncensored. It got censored for the last time in Dirtfoot.
    • However, in the captions, it says that "asshole" is censored.
  • Despite being called "Tulip Sniper", the character is wielding a tommy gun, not a sniper rifle.
  • This is the last episode where Carl is absent until The Marines.
  • Carl is not visibly seen in this episode, but he can be heard yelling "Jackass!" as he drives past Shake.
  • Several guest stars appear in this episode:
    • Donna the germ is voiced by Janeane Garofolo (credited as “Beverly Center”).
    • Poncho is voiced by Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen, who later voiced Time Lincoln.
    • The Bean Wizard is voiced by Bob Odenkirk (credited as “Vance Hammersly”). His Mr. Show co-star, David Cross, previously appeared on the show as Happy Time Harry, and later returned in “Bible Fruit”.
    • The basketball is voiced by Tim Heidecker, who was, at the time, starring in fellow Adult Swim series “Tom Goes To The Mayor”. His co-star in the series, Eric Wareheim, also appears in the episode as the Germ King.