The Insanoflex is a massive, white, transforming, mechanical, robot-exercise machine, that goes on a rampage through downtown in the feature-film, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. When not in use, the Insanoflex takes the form of a normal exercise machine.

Warning Description[]

When Frylock looked up the Insanoflex, his computer went haywire gave various designs and directions of how to setup the machine. Frylock also discovered some sort of robotic description which somehow as if it was trying to give some sort of warning not to put the machine together.

This was the warning description:

Danger: Deadly-Death Danger. Beware: You must never, ever (x12) assemble the Insanoflex. Need help assembling? Because we said not to? Don't do it, enjoy.


By simply sitting down on it, it straps the user on, and transforms into a giant robot at which point it begins to move around; it continuously plays the techno song I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay), while also forcing you to do an innumerable amount of reps. This will potentially leave you with a gigantic, chiseled body if not stopped in time.

Insanoflex Robot Form[]

When Carl attempted to try out the Insanoflex, it turns into the giant robot and causes Carl to be strapped in and forced to flex out to the song. While Carl would be flexing out, the Insano-bot then goes a rampage through town with three purposes on its mind: Destroy the city, then kill Carl and then the World. Sometimes it would lay small metallic, round eggs which hatch into little Insanoflexes, which in time, grows up. Master Shake did manage to replace the song within its circuitry by performing his demo song, "Nude Love", which causes the robot to malfunction and then destroy itself. However, there was no stopping the other insanoflexes that had been hatched from the eggs, which then proceeded to do what the main Insanoflex did: Destroy the city and end the world.