"Interfection" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It originally aired on December 8th, 2002.


Cold open[]

Dr. Weird, speaking with a high voice and a shrunken head, tells Steve to "turn it on." He does, and while his head grows, he screams for Steve to "turn it off" before his head explodes.

Main plot[]

Master Shake explains to Meatwad that plaque is merely a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to con people into buying toothpaste, and that there is no evidence to support the need to brush your teeth. Meatwad points out that Shake doesn't have any teeth, and Shake explains that he got rid of his teeth, because he's straight and that teeth are for gay people. Meatwad likes the idea of being gay for having teeth, so Shake decides to look it up on Frylock's computer using the Run of the Mill Search Engine.

Shake performs a web search for "teeth, 'plaque conspiracy'", and "Metallica". Meatwad insists that he search for Justin Timberlake as well, but Shake responds by threatening to stab Meatwad's mouth shut with skewers and then to slice him with an axe. Meatwad begins crying in fear and Shake responds that he would never slice him with an axe when his mouth is skewered shut. Suddenly, a pop-up appears on Frylock's computer, asking if he is over 18. Shake clicks "yes", and some more pop-ups appear, one of which offers free money and another that offers 5.9% over APR. Shake clicks again, creating more and more pop-up ads, until both he and Meatwad hear a noise behind them.

Shake and Meatwad turn around to discover that an actual physical pop-up ad has appeared in Frylock's room! They are astounded, though not by the ridiculousness of a real-life pop-up -- but instead of the pop-up's offer to "win real money". They ponder over which number to bet on a roulette wheel, which is stopped short by a form requesting their credit card information.

As if on cue, a pop-up appears behind them promising a free credit card. Shake hits this pop-up, as well as the resulting pop-ups, causing pop-ups to appear all over the house. They dent the garage door and break windows. Meatwad tells Shake to "Watch what he agrees to, cause one of them almost took my head off". Shake continues to generate more pop-ups which Meatwad dodges, until eventually a pop-up appears in Frylock's monitor, destroying it.

Shake suggests they he and Meatwad drag the pop-ups out into the yard so he can "get fresh air and rake in the jack". However, the pop-ups will not budge. Frylock announces his arrival at the front door and Shake panics and tries to lock Meatwad inside the room, but Meatwad gets out the door.

Frylock comes up to the door of his room; Shake and Meatwad are hanging around. Frylock asks Shake what he's doing, Shake tries to stall him by playing dumb and pretending that he didn't even know Frylock was a roommate. Frylock tries the door knob; it doesn't budge. A pop-up is heard from the living room; Shake jumps on top of Frylock to stop him while Meatwad stretches to cover it up. Frylock interrogates Meatwad, who makes up a story about practicing for the Olympics before changing the subject to the Goodwill Games. Eventually, Shake gives in and points out that Meatwad is hiding a large pop-up ad. Frylock is astounded and yells at Shake for messing around with his computer.

Frylock goes to his room to find that it is filled with pop-ups. Shake tries to pin the whole thing on Meatwad, but to no avail -- First of all, Meatwad is too short to reach the keyboard and, secondly, a majority of the pop-ups have the name "Master Shake" on them. Frylock attempts to close the pop-ups, but they don't disappear.

Meatwad calls out for help; he's been pinned by some pictures of scantily-clad women and a another picture called "Infusion Intrusion" which features two men dressed up as women. Shake tries to search for the women, while Frylock pulls the phone line. Unfortunately, the pop-ups continue to appear. He gets fed up and pulls the fuse instead.

The pop-ups do not disappear, but instead make way for a teleconferencing window with a green-skinned man with a long white beard. He identifies himself as "The", but it takes nearly a full minute because the connection keeps dropping and rebuffering. The Wwwyzzerd summons a form for Frylock to fill out to win a free Porsche, but Frylock refuses and demands to know what is going on. The Wwwyzzerd explains that this is "live streaming broadbrain", and congratulates Frylock for being signed up to receive e-mails regarding updates, special offers, and e-mails about other e-mails. But however, Frylock doesn't care; he intends to go in there and unsubscribe. The Wwwyzzerd opens a portal to the internet and Frylock enters.

Inside the Internet, Frylock demands that the Wwwyzzerd shut off all the pop-ups and get out of his house. The Wwwyzzerd delivers a sales pitch on Pornography and Online Gaming and mentions a skull implant; now Frylock is certain he doesn't want this service. However, Frylock apparently signed up for the 30-day trial, and now the Aqua Teens must have to have it for 30 days. The Wwwyzzerd shows Frylock a live streaming webcam of Carl "enjoying" his services.

Carl is actually NOT enjoying his services; he is running out of oxygen and his bathroom is blocked by a "hit the monkey" game. Suddenly, a pop up falls out of the sky and severs Carl's fingertips. Frylock tries to speak to Carl, but the Wwwyzzerd explains that he's not on the "brainframe", so Carl can't hear him. Meanwhile, Shake enters Carl's house and asks what happened to his fingers, prompting Carl to tell him to call a doctor because he is bleeding. Shake, however is more interested in finding "Women that don't the ZZ top lumberjack look" and calls Wwwyzzerd "Sasquatch". Frylock asks for a phone to call an ambulance, but the Wwwyzzerd laughs and calls him primitive, and suggests using Instant Pestering instead, but not until after his closes the livestream window that Shake appeared in. Frylock is fed up and asks to speak to a supervisor. The Wwwyzzerd responds by "teleporting" away in a light show, but just ends up putting on another beard and mustache. Frylock calls him out on it, but the Wwwyzzerd denies it. Frylock has had enough, and destroys a pop-up ad with his eye lasers.

The Wwwyzzerd relents and offers Frylock the option to choose his path through cyberland. Frylock picks "no" and orders the Wwwyzzerd to get out of his house, but after reading the small print again, he discovers he's signed up for a 90-day trial. The Wwwyzzerd explains that after the 90 days, Frylock will be judged and sentenced to a lifetime of interactive sports, news, and information, and his bank account will continue to be charged, because "banks don't care. It's not their money."

Several weeks later, Meatwad and Frylock are out in the woods; it is clear they have been living like prehistoric cavemen, as Meatwad's body is full of sticks and debris while Frylock's beard has grown wildly and his fries are disheveled. Frylock explains to Meatwad that they can return in two more weeks. Meatwad is shocked about this and Frylock tells him to shut up and eat his squirrel meat. Shake, who is looking like a caveman with a squirrel as his article of clothing, is disgusted about the squirrel meat and is holding a PDA. Suddenly, several pop-ups appear as The Wwwyzzerd laughs. Shake explains he's got wireless, and clicks the pop-up ad that says "click here to go to super end credits".


  • One of the pop-ups reads "Assisted Living Dracula The Movie".
  • On the DVD version, when Shake says "Teeth are for gay people, that's why fairies come and get them," the word "fairies" is censored by a sound effect.
  • This is the first Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode to break the fourth wall by Shake clicking on an pop-up that says, "Congratulations! You just finished another episode!!! Click here to go to super end credits."
  • Brak’s house from The Brak Show appears in one of the pop-ups.