The Plutonians' ship has a variety of tools and things that they use along the series. Most times, their stuff does not work properly or they do not know how to use it properly. Among their stuff, there is a Meltorium, a Space pod, a Space phone, Imprisoning laser rings, a pizza oven (which they use to create Major Shake) and even disco/party stuff.

Observed stuff[]


Melting device

The "meltorium"

The meltorium is a chamber in the ship which has a beam emitter supposedly meant to melt people, though it never did. As much of the plutonians' stuff, either it would not even work or they did not know how to activate it. The meltorium has inside some commodities like a pair of chairs, a small table and can also project some virtual animations in the background (so far; "The sea of pizza" and "The horse's anus"). They can also speed up. It debuted in the episode "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto."

Space pod[]

Space pod

Shake landing the space pod on Earth

The ship also comes with one (or more) space pods, which Shake uses to try to recover a $100 bill that is just a trap to get rid of him. The pod has two robotic arms to grab and handle things in outer space.

Space phone[]

Space phone

The plutonian's phone ringing inside the Meltorium

The plutonins also have a phone aboard the ship to comunicate. It consists of a toy-like robot which starts walking when ringing. It also has two speakers in each side and the capability to sustain a video conversation; when they communicate with Frylock and Major Shake, they took the phone call in Frylock's computer to be able to receive image.

The oven[]

Pizza oven

The oven in which Major Shake was 'cooked'

As stated by Major Shake, this is an ordinary pizza oven which the plutonians used to create him. It has no extraordinary or special features, and Major shake was taken out of it before he was even "ready". It is possible that this oven was installed also by the same person who installed the laser rings and the disco sphere.

Laser rings[]

Disco rings

As seen

These are supposed to be imprisoning laser rings that cut anyone who leaves the spot inside them, but they don't do that, instead they are just disco lights part of the 'party stuff' that the plutoniasn have. Everyone else but the plutonians seem to notice that such are not deadly rings, but just some harmless disco lights.

Disco sphere[]



Called "Obnoticus" by the plutonians, it is supposed to be mighty and full of wisdom but it is just a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. They recur to 'him' to ask what they had to do with their prisoner (Shake) in that episode. The Obnoticus was installed also by the same guy who did the laser rings, and seem to be also mere shit. Oglethorpe states that "silence" is his wisdom.