Jesus Ezekiel Jesus is an anthropomorphic milk shake.


Ezekiel first appears in the episode "Ezekiel." Due to their resemblance, Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl assume that Ezekiel is the son of Shake, who fervently denies this. Ezekiel tries to bond with Shake by playing sports with him, but this fails because of Shake's lofty expectations. However, it is revealed that Ezekiel is a skilled enough chess player to be able to defeat the Chess Dragon.

Happy that his son is skilled at something, the two begin to bond, but this is short lived—Frylock reveals that Ezekiel is not the child of Shake and is actually 4000 years old. Chess Dragon reappears, crashing through the roof, and flies off with Ezekiel in hand. He is never seen again after this, and Frylock implies that the Chess Dragon killed Ezekiel.


  • In Dummy Love, a frame of him playing tennis with Shake is seen. It was removed from the shelf for the dummy, but is seen again around the time the "Kill" and "Die" dummies are life-like.