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Homeless Guy

Jimmy, originally called "Tree Wizard" or simply referred to as "Homeless Guy," is a recurring character on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He first appeared in the episode "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary" When Shake needed money to pay off Zakk Wylde for the recording, editing, and playing of the song "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary". Because of Shake's lack of money, he put Meatwad's room up for sale (similar to the episode "Mayhem of the Mooninites.") The character shows up and starts murmuring incoherently, and when Shake goes to show him the room, he steals their TV and muffins and runs off. In this episode, he is called "Tree Wizard" by Shake who reads the alleged name off of some kind of application form.

The second time was in "Gee Whiz" when he appeared on the billboard with the picture of Gee Whiz (which really was Ted Nugent). Initially he announced that Frylock was Gee Whiz, then decided he must be Gee Whiz. When Master Shake asked him sarcastically if he could fly, he promptly jumped off the billboard screaming and hit the pavement face first, killing himself.

He asks Meatwad to bring him a Daiquiri in jail by smuggling it up his butt in the episode Bart Oates. He was shot and killed by Carl during the episode Robots Everywhere, but returned in "Piranha Germs" since ATHF has no continuity.

In "The Greatest Story Ever Told," Jimmy self-publishes a religious text called The Bibble on the back of a bunch of prescription drug labels in which he is the central figure. Shake becomes a member of this religion and gathers in a church with past Aqua Teen villains, with portraits of Jimmy hung around the church.



  1. "Gee Whiz": Jumps off a billboard and to his death.
  2. "Robots Everywhere": Is decapitated after Carl shoots him in the neck with a shotgun.
  3. "Dummy Love": Hangs himself in a jail cell.
  4. "Chick Magnet": Is shot in the head by Meatwad with shotgun which causes his head to explode.
  5. "Rubberman": Beaten to death with a wrench by Meatwad.

Death count: 5