Knapsack!Jubilee, with her companions
Voiced by Monica Rial
Species Human
Gender Female
Job Explorer (actually a amateur porn star)
Quote "I don't want to do the dog food thing!"

Jubilee is a character that Meatwad befriends in the episode Knapsack!, along with Knappy the Knapsack, Mappy the Map, and Gypsy the GPS.


At some point, Meatwad meets Jubilee and her companions, bringing them to the Aqua Teen's house to meet Frylock and Master Shake, with Shake making a fool of himself by asking if she "puts out". Shortly after, Jubilee steals money from Frylock's room, claiming that she got turned around in the house, and joins her companions, who had went to Meatwad's room for "privacy", wherein she and her companions snort coke then insist that Meatwad joins them to explore.

In their RV, Jubilee is counting her stolen money and is disappointed with how there is only $200, with GPS stating that they can barely rent the porn shoot for this. Confused by this word, Meatwad asks what it means. Knappy cracks a few jokes, asking Jubilee if she has taught him it yet. Clearly upset, Jubilee simply tells him to shut up.

Back at the house, Carl reveals that Jubilee is actually an amateur porn star that has sex with virgins and uploads them to a members only website that costs $14.99 a month, which Carl is a member of. Fearing for Meatwad, Frylock wakes up Mappy, who had fallen asleep, and insists that they take them to Meatwad. Mappy tells Carl that Knappy is usually the one joining in the porn shoots, stating that he has a strange psychological hold over her.

At the shooting site, Jubilee is seen crying with Knappy manipulating her into having sex with Meatwad, falsely claiming that this will be their last shoot if Jubilee goes through with it. Frylock shows up with Carl and Shake, bizarrely dressed as children in order to appeal to their genre of porn, but get turned down because they prefer their virgins to be barely legal. Suddenly, the local church group shows up, shooting a missile at the group and killing them.


  • Jubilee, Mappy, and Knapsack are parodies of the characters appearing in the children's show Dora the Explorer.
  • Jubilee is voiced by Monica Rial, a popular anime voice actress.[1]


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