"Juggalo" is the fourth episode of the 7th season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 96th episode overall. It aired on April 4, 2010.


The episode begins with Meatwad and Master Shake at a curve on the highway. Shake throws a water balloon on the road below, but it does nothing, it just splats on the ground. Then, he brings out a large slab of concrete and explains to Meatwad that he is going to cause an accident to create a diversion for the police while he streaks through town (even though he nor Meatwad don't even wear any clothing). Master Shake pushes the slab over the highway and triggers a massive pileup accident, with car crashes, blood splatters, screams, and explosions eventually heard in the background as the two both watch in horror. Shake does his plan, but is stopped by an angel. The angel reveals that he is one of many people that were killed by Master Shake in the devastation caused at the highway. Meatwad doesn't know who the angel is and the angel allows Meatwad to go, with Shake using it as an excuse to shove him off the road, triggering a further car pileup accident.

The angel says he has plans for Master Shake, so he teleports Shake and himself to the Hospital. Both see a near-dead man on a bed and the angel demands Shake to read to him, though he refuses, sticking up his middle finger at him. Angered, the angel summons Shake into hell by engulfing him in flames, though he comes back after promising to read a pop-up book called "Sammy the Gerbil and his Muffin Adventure" provided by the angel. Shake points out that there are no pages and says nobody would visit the old man due to him dying, but the angel does the same thing again. Shake finally reads it, but the angel says to read the title repeatedly (with different inflections to make the story "his own"). Later, he use a water filter to clean Carl's pool, Shake gets furious with him, but when the angel says they can go back to that "awful place", Shake pleas not to and apologizes to him. Carl comes out, though since Shake is the only one who can see the angel, he finds him speaking to thin air. Shake says to Carl that the angel is his agent. Then, he points out to Carl that he talking to a fucking angel, then the angel makes him say he that that he changed his ways and asks Carl what he wants. Carl wants a half-dozen black graphic-tees with wings and the barbed wire that says "Choke Out". When he bought him the shirts, it says "Surfs Up", with whales, much to Carl's displeasure. Shake goes back to the mall and buys the correct shirts, which Carl is very pleased with. The angel demands that Shake thanks Carl. He refuses, only to be taken back into hell, much to Carl's shock. He thanks him and reveals the use of his over-extended credit cards. Then, Carl make Shake wash 2 Wycked, which he does. He ask the angel why he's doing this to him, because he killed him, then threatens he will eventually use a piece of concrete to smash his head open, Shake is horrified to hear that. The angel says he has diarrhea and he leaves, which gives Shake a chance to call on Frylock for help.

He types on Frylock computer in his room to see how to get rid of the angel, Frylock wants to know what he doing, Shake scolds him. The angel finds him, he still has diarrhea and has to leave again because the Aqua Teens do not have a bathroom at their house. Frylock tries to help Shake, but he destroys his computer. Shake meets with a juggalo fan named Neilzabub, he ask Neilzabub if he bring references, which is only a spider. At Foodie Mart, Master Shake appears as a juggalo, the angel also appears, Shake asks for Neil help, so Neil and his two friends drink beer that Shake purchases for them, then he read some lyrics from the back of an Insane Clown Posse T-Shirt. It does nothing to the angel, Neil says he doing it wrong, and ask if he and the angel drives them to an ICP concert, Shake asks if his mom picking him up, but saying one of Neil friends sneaking out, then turns into an argument. Shake is furious at Neil for not telling his mom, the angel get mad and sends Master Shake to the "awful place" three times, which amazes Neilzabub and his friends, Neil ask the if he can show how he do it, the angel ask what age is Neil, Neil responds that he 14 1/2 years old. An infuriated Shake comes back to tell Neil and his goons that they was fully licensed, but Neil says his father is an attorney. Pissed off because all of the harsh things that he done throughout the entire episode, Shake says goodbye to everyone as he grabs a shotgun, place it in his mouth, and blast his head off, thus killing him in the process as his remains come back to land on the ground. At a courthouse, George Lowe fills in as Frylock lawyer, as he and a very sad Meatwad, who in tears because of Shake death and holding a picture of him. It reveals that Frylock sue the ICP, Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J because of their insane lyrics that drives to Shake committing suicide. George ask how offensive is that, only leading to Frylock angrily clearing his throat as Shake death, George change his mind and explains to the courtroom that their songs drive Shake to die. The ICP interjects and saying that their is multiple ICP in the area, like singing to dead people. They also breathe fire, and they burn the courthouse down with Lowe saying "No further questions." Credits. As the credits roll, Shake is shown to be in hell washing Carl's car, the angel appears again, like he said earlier, he shove a piece of concrete at Shake head, killing him again.


  • An unnamed person is killed in a car crash caused by Master Shake.
  • Meatwad is killed when he is pushed off a cliff by Master Shake.
  • Master Shake kills himself with a shotgun.
  • ICP burns down the courthouse, killing Frylock, Meatwad, George Lowe and several unnamed people.
  • Master Shake has a slab of concrete hit his head while in Hell.