"Jumpy George" is the eighth episode of the eighth season of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 and the 108th episode overall. It originally aired on July 10, 2011.


Shake and Carl meet a woman at a parking lot and she agrees to date both of them. Meatwad babysits her children, but they turn out to be bodyguards in a witness protection program because the Mooninites vowed revenge against the woman Carl and Shake are dating. It didn't work out because she is revealed to be an alien, and is beamed up to her spaceship.


  1. Ignignokt and Err are shot to death by the alien bodygaurds.


  • This is the third episode when Shake and Carl fight over a woman. The first being Mail Order Bride, and the second being Dusty Gozongas.
  • The woman tells Meatwad her children can "only watch cartoons, so no Cartoon Network." This is a reference, and knock, to Cartoon Network's live-action block at the time, CN Real.
    • However, by the time this episode aired, 2011, CN Real had long retired from Cartoon Network, although the network continued to air live-action content following the block's cancelation.
  • The Butt Frenzy Magazine makes a cameo in this as the magazine Err is reading and also to cover his face when the woman looks at The Mooninites.
  • The house visited is once again the home to Carl's simulated self in Larry Miller Hair System.
  • When Carl is fighting with Master Shake his gold necklace is gone.
  • The fridge in the woman's house has the drawing that Meatwad made in Balloonenstein.
  • When the two kids fly out of the house you can see Meatwad's toy guitar from the film and Little Death Bear before the blades come out of it.
  • The newspaper Ignignokt is reading is the same newspaper that was in Super Sir Loin, the same newspaper that has Randall, andOog.
  • In the uncensored version, the children is still censored.
  • Err's voice is slightly different in this episode. That's because at the time of the episode's recording session, Matt Maiellaro had a cold. This is the second time that Matt apparently had a cold while recording Err's lines, the first was in The.
  • Frylock appeared in one scene with four lines.