Kangaralla and the Magic Tarantula is episode 98 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Master Shake and Frylock become addicted to a cell phone game called "Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula". Meatwad attempts to try to get their attention, but they're glued to the screen. Even when a ghost comes in and haunts their house, makes their house bleed, and Meatwad "commits suicide", they still won't budge. However, when the phone is broken, they go over to Carl's house to play Kangarilla on his phone, it is then that a ghost goes to tell them "Smiley Junction" was blown up by a missile strike and they wish for everyone to turn off their cell phones. He also strangely wants the performer Meat Loaf to play at a benefit for their cause. Angry, Carl calls his cousin Denise because she gave Meat Loaf a handjob back stage during a tour, but then the ghost realizes Carl has a cell phone and blows up. Then numerous "ghosts of the ghost" appear and also get blown up.


  1. The Smily Junction Ghost is killed several times due to cell phone signals.


  • There are a total of seven different ghosts killed by cell phone signals including the first one.
  • This is the final episode in the series to Feature the original End Credits.
  • When Master Shake comes to talk to Frylock about ignoring Meatwad, he said "your son" while talking to Frylock. By right, All of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force are brothers.