"Kidney Car" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 35th episode overall. It originally aired on November 16th, 2003.


Cold open: Javior, Dr. Weird's Hispanic janitor, is cleaning the floor of the lab by himself. He notices Dr. Weird's necklace sitting on the counter and grabs it. Dr. Weird tells him to put it back and shoots tacos at Javior, making him explode.

Master Shake steals Carl's car and destroys it in a demolition derby. Carl donates the car to the Kidney Foundation to get a tax write-off and is sold to Meatwad, who has been on the Kidney Foundation list for a long time. They give it to him instead of a kidney because he's unsanitary.

Meatwad gets help from Frylock to fix it up because his plastic toys didn't work, but Frylock gets angry because Meatwad and Shake aren't much help. Meatwad enlists the help of a mechanic says that it needs a new hobbit, unicorn from the land beyond time, haunted air conditioner exorcism, plutonium air filter, and a moon jumping cow, all of which cost over $32,000 including tax and "believability insurance". Frylock questions whether this is just what Meatwad heard, but it turns out that the mechanic really did say all of that.

Angered by this, Shake decides to attach a jet engine to the car, which is crudely attached with duct tape and is upside down. When Meatwad turns it on, the engine sucks up Carl's rented car that was rented that morning. When Shake uses his nonsensical jabber which used to get him out of the situation he got into, Carl's head explodes. Meatwad says, "Why did he do that?" Shake says, "Why wouldn't he?"


  1. Javier is shot with tacos by Dr. Weird and suddenly explodes.
  2. Carl has his head suddenly explode.


  • Meatwad says he's unsanitary like his prototype in the Space Ghost episode "Baffler Meal."


The Show[]

  • In the list of fake repairs for the car, one of the things on the list is supposed to read "Hobbit Crankcase Turner" but the word "crankcase" is misspelled as "Crackcase".
  • Frylock says "Shake'em up finals" but the trophy says "Smash'em up Finals".
  • Carl references racer Jeff Gordon.

Allusions and References[]

  • Meatwad says "I can't drive 55" in a reference to the famous Sammy Hagar song of the same name.


  • When Carl says "Kiss my ultra-mega ass," his mouth wasn't moving but in all the other shots his mouth moves.