The Kill Dummy is a murderous, psychopathic, ventriloquist puppet wearing a black suit and bowtie that was mysteriously left outside on the Aqua Teens's doorstep on a stormy night. he repeatedly chants the word "KILL, KILL, KIIILLL!" with claps of thunder being heard each time the phrase is said. The doll is a parody of the murderous doll "Chucky" from the Child's Play horror movie series. 

In "Dummy Love," a small package is thrown onto the Aqua Teen's doorstep and the dummy pops out of the box shortly after it is brought inside. He chants the words "Kill, Kill, Kill!", with lightning striking each time he shouts the phrase. After Master Shake and Meatwad insist that they keep the dummy, Frylock says "Sure, why not." After he is put on a high shelf, the dummy obtains Shake's "collectible ax" and tosses a pile of fingers upon the floor. Master Shake and Meatwad pass it off as nothing and place him back on the shelf once night comes. While the Aqua Teens are eating breakfast, the dummy begins to pester them by repeatedly saying "Kill, Kill, Kill!" as he thrashes his plastic knife. The group then decides to destroy the doll in several different ways, each with the dummy reappearing nearby, being unharmed. Frylock then tries to pass the doll onto Carl, offering him a "free dummy", with him responding "No thanks. Already got one." as another dummy reveals itself, this one chanting "Die, Die, Die!" The Kill Dummy then begins to fall in love with the Die Dummy and they have intercourse in Frylock's room. Shake then begins to use the dummies in his magic act, as them appearing after they have been destroyed being played off as a trick to shock the audience. He gains a large amount of fame off this, pleasing many audiences and becoming a star. 

At the end of the episode, Meatwad wishes out loud that the dummies "Were real flesh and blood boys." To which Master Shake angrily replies "NO!". Coincidentally, this is on the same night a shooting star passes, and Meatwad's wish comes true. The next morning, the Aqua Teens discover that the dummies have become real live people, but are still incapable of saying anything other than "KILL" and "DIE". Since Master Shake used the dummies in his comedy act, he frets that without them being dummies, they would be of no use to him and his act would be ruined. In a sudden outburst of rage, Shake whips out his collectible ax, attacks the former dummies, and is imprisoned for his actions. While in jail, he gets a phone call from the dummies, which enrages him further as they're still incapable of saying anything but KILL or DIE. It's only after he hangs up do the dummies say something other than KILL or DIE, "He hung up." "Yeah...he hung up."

The Dummy made a cameo in the episode, "Last Dance for Napkin Lad" being used as a camera in order for the Skeletons to spy on the Aqua Teens. 



  • The Kill Dummy has many similarities to some of R.L. Stine's novels. The most prominent being a resemblance and personality similar to that of Slappy the dummy, a villain in the "Goosebumps" book series.