Lance is a ScamWow salesman and one of the main antagonists, alongside Master Shake, of the episode Lasagna. He acts as if he's helping Carl overcome his anger towards Master Shake when he tries to tease him with his homemade four-cheese lasagna. But, Lance turns out to do more harm than good when it comes to assisting Carl, such as pushing him off the roof and repeatedly electrocuting him until he passes out. He was voiced by Zach Hanks.


Lance makes a first impression to Carl in which he acts very helpful and supportive to keep one's anger in check when in need. He is shown to constantly be in a good mood. He is also very persuasive and motivational. Two examples of this is when he convinces others to purchase his products from ScamWow as if he's on the air and when he tries to convince Carl to jump off the roof to get Shake's lasagna. But, he turns out to be antagonistic and misleading when he reveals his true nature by intentionally harming Carl with the electric fence after pushing him off his roof. He truly does not care about people he appears to help and is more interested in advertising regardless of having no audience.


  • Lance bears a great resemblance to Vince Offer, the pitchman for "ShamWow."
  • Interesting fact, Lance claimed that his tongue got bitten by Carl's hooker. The same happened to Vince in 2009, of which he got arrested after punching her repeatedly.[1]


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