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Lance Potter, named by Meatwad, is a "duck" made by Frylock with several used condoms, beer bottles and other assorted trash. He is brought to life after Meatwad places Carl's "G-Man Super Bowl Fantasy Lamp" upon his head in a allusion to the Holiday story, “Frosty The Magic Snowman.”

Lance is highly malicious, encouraging Meatwad to steal, do drugs, and assault others. Most notable, he makes Meatwad cut off Carl's arms, tricking him by telling him that the human body is capable of regrowing them when they are severed, and later forces him to cut off the feet of a policeman looking for Lance. He is killed after he is set on fire by Frylock

Other names include Rubberman/boy (coined by Master Shake) and Clucky, the rubber litter ducky (coined by Frylock)