"Laser Lenses" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 75th episode overall. It originally aired on March 2nd, 2008.


The episode begins with Frylock waking up and finding his contacts missing. Unable to see, he enters the living room, where Shake is destroying things with his contacts. Shake takes advantage of Frylock's blindness to mock and bother him, dodging questions about the lenses until Meatwad reveals he has them.

Shake and Meatwad head over to Carl's house, where they verbally insult him. When Carl doesn't take it kindly, Shake blasts his house and then enters the pool. After another round of verbal insults Shake blasts Carl. Meanwhile, the still-blind Frylock gets Meatwad to help him look up the website for ordering new lenses while Shake keeps tormenting Carl, forcing him to order Chinese food and then destroying it and forcing him to buy more simply to amuse himself. At Frylock's direction, Meatwad completes his online order right before Shake sees what they are doing and destroys the computer. As it turns out, Meatwad was actually ordering Central American ice cream (which arrives completely melted, just how Meatwad likes it), and Meatwad can't even remember what Frylock had wanted him to order in the first place. When Shake tries to blast Frylock again he finds out he is losing power so he ties Meatwad, Frylock and Carl to a tree in Carl's backyard and goes to take a nap.

Meatwad escapes and rips Shake's eyes out of his head as he's sleeping in order to get the contacts for himself. When Shake wakes up and comes out into the backyard with two bloody holes where his eyes used to be, an outraged Frylock knocks him unconscious with a pair of backup laser glasses he'd been hiding, but is then turned on by Meatwad who destroys Frylock's backup laser glasses as well as his backup "laser monocle".

Frustrated, Frylock contemplates getting laser eye surgery. Carl mentions his cousin Terry does unlicensed cosmetic surgery out of the back of a van ("He's not actually a doctor, but he passes the savings on to you!"). Terry arrives in his van and gives Frylock surgery which gives him back his vision by turning his eyes into giant breasts, forcing him to undo his bra if he wants to look at things. Meanwhile, Shake is pretending that he's not really missing his eyes. Shake however, can't see the newspaper and he falls on the ground crying about who took his eyes, although the empty sockets are now horribly infected and drawing flies. Terry asks if he wants the same surgery as Frylock, but Shake (being himself) ignores his eyes and demands a penis extension, "maximum legally allowable". Terry denies this, protesting that he's a "legitimate medical...van". Shake declares angrily that he'll do it himself, then and he says "thanks a lot, asshole".

The episode ends with Meatwad contentedly sitting on the recliner with Shake's functioning eyes and Frylock's working laser lenses while the blind Shake (his eye sockets still infected and empty) prods him in the face with his new wiffle ball bat "penis extension" duct taped to his groin ("Like that? Feel the texture!") as Frylock enters the room, unsnaps his bra and lets out his droopy eye-boobs to see what's going on.


  • It is revealed that the reason Frylock is able to shoot beams from his eyes is his contact lenses.
  • This episode marks the first real appearance of Terry.
  • Mr. Sparkles makes a cameo jumping out of Shake's swollen eye sockets.
  • The song that was shortly playing in the background when Meatwad attempts to steal Master Shake's eyes/lenses while he is sleeping is Spy Story by Crime Ringtones.