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Last Last one Forever and Ever (a.k.a. Live Action) is the live-action episode of ATHF. It premiered on May 31st 2009 and The story line concludes in "Rabbot Redux".


The Aqua Teens discover that water in the area is flammable. Don Shake tries to write a script, and Meatwad and Carl try to give him advice. They notice a broken gas leak so the Aqua Teens move out of their house. The episode starts and ends with the usual animation, but the rest of the episode is live action. The story line concludes in "Rabbot Redux"


Many fans thought this would be the final episode of the series because of its title and because the Aqua Teens leave Carl at the end. Season 7 aired its first episode on December, 2009. This show was renewed for a seventh season due to this episode's success and the show's popularity. However this show ended in 2015 because the Adult Swim president was ready to move on from it and then Adult Swim renewed this show for a twelfth season in November 2023.


  1. Meatwad dies in an explosion at the car wash.
  2. Frylock, Master Shake and Carl all die when the entire eastern sea board explodes.


  • This episode was almost never aired on television, but was going to be a DVD extra or be posted on YouTube.[1]
  • Boxy Brown makes a brief cameo at the end of the episode in the Aqua Teens's moving van.
  • The Dragon Hilted Sword from Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am makes an appearance.
  • Assisted Living Dracula appears on the live action television.
  • The story Meatwad tells Don Shake to copy down contains elements taken from children's show SpongeBob SquarePants, Meatwad also mentions actor Nicolas Cage.
  • Error: After the explosion in the car wash, the background is still shaking.