Cold Openings are pieces of the episode that air before the title sequence of a show or the opening credits of a movie. Aqua Teen Hunger Force used cold openings with Dr. Weird and Steve throughout the first two seasons, before splitting up the "Spacecataz" episode for the Season 3 cold openings. After the third season, cold openings were dropped completely (with the exception of early versions of the movie). It wasn't until Season 8 that a cold opening was used again. Of course, "Allen Part One" was the only episode to feature cold opening.

Cold Openings with Dr. Weird[]

Dr. Weird's strange antics and Steve's reactions were the subject of the original cold openings. Most of the cold openings started with Dr. Weird yelling "Gentlemen, behold...!" to Steve and no one else. When the series first began, the things that Dr. Weird showcased or talked about would usually have something to do with the episode. Certain objects like the RainbowMaker 400 would be the focus of the episode, while other activities, like Dr. Weird's phone call with Terry in "Dumber Days," would be referenced later in the episode. By the end of Season 1, however, these cold openings were changed to utter nonsense.

Season 1[]

Opening Dr

The common Season 1 opening.


Dr. Weird gives a speech about how mankind has always been plagued by vegetables, and that he has obtained funds to solve the problem. Steve points out that the grant money was intended for curing diseases. Dr. Weird asks what a grant is, then tells him to be quiet. Dr. Weird then showcases the Rabbot and orders a machine to spray him in the eyes with perfume, because that is apparently how it happened to Dr. Weird. The Rabbot then hops away, bursts through the castle wall, and heads off to cause chaos throughout the rest of the episode. Dr. Weird then asks, "WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?!" In the stealth pilot version, Dr. Weird, after gathering his composure says, "Unleash the mechanical frog!" and a giant mechanical frog is revealed behind the garage door.

Escape From Leprechaupolis[]

Dr. Weird presents "this thing," having no idea what it is. He tells Steve to stand in a certain spot, and when Steve does, he is thrusted out of the laboratory by a rainbow made by the RainbowMaker 400. Dr. Weird celebrates that it was a complete success (apparently remembering what it was supposed to do) and acknowledges his insanity. The lights go out, and the Leprechauns steal the machine. Dr. Weird wonders who could've broken into his castle, while facing away from the giant hole left by Rabbot from the first episode. Dr. Weird's hair then catches on fire, because of his hair helmet.

Bus of the Undead[]

Dr. Weird tries to show off Mothmonsterman, but the creature flies away, exiting through the hole made by Rabbot. Dr. Weird finally acknowledges the hole, but slips and exclaims "My Banana!" Mothmonsterman then finds the Shake Signal and finds himself naturally drawn to the light.

Mayhem of the Mooninites[]

Dr. Weird unveils his guitar and speakers and tells Steve that he's going to "knock [Steve's] hair to the back of this auditorium." He then starts playing Robot Affliction. Outside the laboratory, the Mooninites spaceship appears and heads elsewhere.


Dr. Weird raises the garage door again, but this time he unveils a vortex that sucks up Steve and himself.

Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto[]

Dr. Weird starts his speech as usual but cuts it short and drops his robe. Steve is horrified by what he sees.

Ol' Drippy[]

Dr. Weird is about to showcase something, but Steve tells him, "You know, you can call me Steve. Yeuhh, I mean there's no one else here." Dr. Weird gets a horrified look on his face, as he sees a monster lifted from Scooby-Doo appear behind Steve. Dr. Weird then yells, "My mind!"

Revenge of the Mooninites[]

Dr. Weird has trouble opening the shutter. When he does, he demonstrates himself. Steve asks what is so special, and he replies "Am I not invisible?" Steve informs him that he is not, and Dr. Weird exclaims, "Why not?!" The Mooninites spaceship appears above the castle and flies elsewhere.

MC Pee Pants[]

Dr. Weird shows off his "beautiful fiancé," but when Steve informs him that it is a giant spider, Dr. Weird realizes that he has been betrayed. He is beaten by the spider and tells Steve to run.

Note: It is never fully explained how the spider found Dr. Weird, but many speculate that the spider is one of Dr. Weird's creations.

Dumber Dolls[]

Dr. Weird starts the episode by yelling, "Gentlemen, BEHOLD my timespace conti-", but suddently stops and stands motionless. Steve comes to make sure his employer is okay, but he winds up tipping over Dr. Weird, who then shatters into glass-like shards. Steve then leaves nervously.

Bad Replicant[]

Dr. Weird is being suspended upside down from a small crane and demands to have his head cut off, so he can be propelled to Phoenix, Arizona. Steve inquires what Dr. Weird wants in Phoenix, but Dr. Weird replies, "Why, it's your momma, Steve!! GET THE AXE!!"


Dr. Weird demonstrates corn of all things. Steve is pleased and walks over to eat it, but the ears of corn pin him to the wall.

Love Mummy[]

Dr. Weird presents corn to Steve ... again. Steve is reluctant, because of what happened last time, but Dr. Weird assures him that it will be different Steve goes to eat it, but gets attacked again, and Dr. Weird yells, "IT'S NOT DIFFERENT AT ALL!! IS IT, STEVE?!"

Dumber Days[]

Dr. Weird gets an order for brains from Terry over the phone. Steve asks who it is, but Dr. Weird says it was "nobody." Dr. Weird then requests to dye Steve's hair. Steve doesn't want to, but Dr. Weird injects him with something, and Steve falls unconscious. Dr. Weird then yells "IT BEGINS!!"

While not technically a cold opening, the ending of the episode is worth noting. Steve wakes up, tied to a table with part of his hair shaved off. He sees that Dr. Weird has left him a note that says "Go to doctor now." Steve inquires as to why he cannot read the note; he has a large gaping hole in the back of his head.


Dr. Weird has a smaller head than he usually does, and instructs Steve to "turn it on." As soon as Steve obeys, Dr. Weird yells to turn it off, because his head is swelling too much. His head explodes off-screen.


Dr. Weird has lost weight. Steve congratulates him, only to find that Dr. Weird used a chainsaw to cut off his flesh. Steve exits, but Dr. Weird is convinced he still isn't pretty.

Mail Order Bride[]

Dr. Weird gives Steve what appears to be a large present. Steve thanks Dr. Weird, who is locking himself into a cage. The present turns out to be a monster, and it attacks Steve.

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future[]

A humongous monsters picks up Dr. Weird's laboratory, but Steve and Dr. Weird escape by using the bridge.

Season 2[]

Super Birthday Snake[]

Dr. Weird announces that he has combined "the double helix of a fried pork chop" with his roommate Randall. Dr. Weird then grabs Randall and tells him to pay his half of the Utilities.

Super Hero[]

Instead of yelling "Gentlemen, BEHOLD!" Dr. Weird has a rattle snake in his hair helmet. He tells Steve to carefully "AGITATE THE HELL OUT OF THIS SNAKE!!" Steve replies "Aw, hell no!!"

Super Bowl[]

Steve suddenly pops out of the chest of Dr. Weird, whom gets angry that he did not "wait for the drum roll."

Super Computer[]

The lab is covered in blood, guts and bones. A pair of green eyes appear from within the dark, open shutter.

Super Model[]

Dr. Weird reveals that he has made love to a lawnmower and has produced an egg-like child with it.

Super Spore[]

Following his orders, Steve takes off Dr. Weird's head with a baseball bat. A piece of paper instructs him to "wait for further instructions from talking hole in neck," but nothing happens and Steve leaves.

Super Sir Loin[]

Dr. Weird exclaims that he has attached a deer antler to his groin, so he'll "fit in with the rest of the herd." Steve asks how he goes to the bathroom, and Dr. Weird shoots a suspicious liquid from his mouth at him.

Super Squatter[]

Dr. Weird introduces the thermostat, which Steve says has "been there." Dr. Weird turns it up all the way. Steve asks if it's on, and Dr. Weird replies "You tell me!!" before catching on fire.

The Meat Zone[]

Dr. Weird asks who stole his hair helmet, and Steve points out that it is still on his head. Dr. Weird seems to realize his foolishness, but then yells "Bull(bleep)!!"

Super Trivia[]

Dr. Weird is literally talking out of his butt. Steve decides he would rather not get involved.

Universal Remonster[]

Steve sarcastically says, "You call this a vacation?" and Dr. Weird replies that it is "TACO ISLAND!!"

Total Re-Carl[]

Dr. Weird recieves a telemarketing call on his answering machine, so he instructs Steve to "send the Phone Spiders." Steve obeys, and the phone spiders travel through the phone lines to the telemarketer and attack him.

Revenge of the Trees[]

Steve is making fun of Dr. Weird in front of the Hispanic janitor Javier, by saying "Gentlemen, fill me full of barbecue sauce because I'm dumb as hell!!" In a bizarre twist, Dr. Weird's giant floating head bites off Steve's head; Steve doesn't notice despite Javier's warning. Steve's body explodes for no reason whatsoever.

Note: Dr. Weird attempts being filled with barbecue sauce in a later cold opening.

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary[]

The show is about to start with the normal cold opening, but then Dr. Weird pops out and says, "Bull(bleep)!!"

The Shaving[]

Dr. Weird is playing with a strange spider-like creature. Dr. Weird wonders where the spider's brother is. The spider turns out to be one of Steve's eyeballs. The other one comes out to play with Dr. Weird, who then yells at Steve for screaming. (He was scaring the eyeballs.)


Dr. Weird is inflating himself with barbecue sauce, saying "there's a chance, this will work!!" Steve points out that he had previously said there is no chance that it will work. After a beat, Dr. Weird shouts, "fool, that will never work!"

Kidney Car[]

Javier is cleaning the floors by himself. He notices that Dr. Weird's gold necklace is sitting unguarded, so he grabs it. Dr. Weird appears out of nowhere, tells him to put it back, and immediately shoots tacos at Javier. Javier then explodes.

The Cubing[]

Dr. Weird having given Steve some foot lotion to try, Steve's feet have turned into gorilla feet.

Frat Aliens[]

Steve returns from lunch, and Dr. Weird asks, "Where's mine!?" Steve starts to state that food makes Dr. Weird crazy, but suddenly, Dr. Weird rips out his brain and dies. The brain then yells "Give me some fries, boy!!" and chases after Steve while shooting laser beams.

The Clowning[]

Steve is ordering a hoagie over the phone and asks Dr. Weird if he wants anything. Dr. Weird's behind has decided to eat his hand and it hungers for more. It proceeds to eat the rest of Dr. Weird. Steve decides he just wants one hoagie.

The episode ends with Dr. Weird concluding his speech with how the wig works, with Steve left as a frozen clown. Styro-Head then flies by, and Dr. Weird yells at it to "Stop telling [him] to do things!!"

The Dressing[]

Steve asks what to do with the decapitated Space Ghost. Dr. Weird, strangely enough, puts Space Ghost's head on top of his, and states that "There can only be one!" Guest star Seth Green just says, "Nice!"


Dr. Weird is wearing a headdress made of bones and metal gloves. Steve gives his two-weeks notice and gets his spine ripped out by Dr. Weird, who exclaims, "Samhein forever!"

The Cloning[]

The Mooninites have invited Dr. Weird and Steve to their "ice cream social" in "The Last One," but Steve says they can't make it. As it turns out, Steve's head and Dr. Weird's head have been decapitated and fused together. This could have been the last episode to feature a Dr. Weird Cold Opening, but Dr. Weird and Steve re-appeared in the film, where Dr. Weird had a major role.

Season 8: Allen Part One[]

The Dr. Weird cold openings were confirmed to return once the then-newly retitled Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 began its eighth season. However, many fans were disappointed to find that Dr. Weird and Steve only made one appearance in the entire season. So far, they have yet to return.

In the cold opening of "Allen Part One" the season premier, Dr. Weird and Steve are eating at "Dr. Weird's favorite restaurant." Dr. Weird demands that a bandage be removed from his banana pudding. Steve states that he can now "get it for free." Dr. Weird misinterprets this, and demands that he receive the bandage for free. The waitress then throws it in Dr. Weird's face.


Despite Ignignokt and Oglethorpe going to high school together, the Mooninites and the Plutonians have very rarely been on good speaking terms. In Season 3, this rivalry came to a boiling point, as the prank war between the two sides replaced the Dr. Weird cold openings.

This prank war is sometimes considered by fans to be an actual war that still lasts to this day. However, the Mooninites and the Plutonians did interact in the movie without too much fighting. Furthermore, Spacecataz ended with Ignignokt, Err, Emory, and Oglethorpe all dying due to the show's lack of continuity, effectively ending the war.

Video Ouija[]

Emory and Oglethorpe are cruising through space when Oglethorpe demands they jump to light speed. Emory does so against his better judgement, and they are knocked to the back of the ship due to their inertia. In the blink of an eye, Oglethorpe notices that Ignignokt has flipped the middle finger at him. The Plutonians stop the ship and are knocked out, because they really shouldn't stop the ship at light speed.

Unremarkable Voyage[]

Emory and Oglethorpe start backing up their ship, and Err becomes worried. Ignignokt quickly decides to start "flipping off" the Plutonians, and Err quickly joins him. Oglethorpe and Emory try to flip them off, but they "can't get it to go right" (they don't have fingers). They decide to instead "moon" the Mooninites. Ignignokt and Err try to do so as well, but Ignignokt states that Err's "buttocks" is so small that it doesn't count. Err decides that he should instead go "full frontal."


Oglethorpe is extremely insulted to see the Mooninites exposing their "digital dong[s]" at him. Emory tries to stop the fight before it begins, but Oglethorpe insists on using a teleportation device to prank the Mooninites. He steps through a portal, transporting part of himself and a water balloon onto the Mooninites' ship, but after Oglethorpe drops the water balloon and leaves as fast as he came, the Mooninites are completely unfazed. Err isn't even aware of what happened.

Gee Whiz[]

Oglethorpe returns from throwing the water balloon, but the Plutonians hear a knock at the door. Emory answers the door, but no one is there. The Mooninites then reveal themselves as Err laughs.


Oglethorpe attempts to prank the Mooninites with a prank call, but Ignignokt declares that they have dialed the wrong number and hangs up.

Little Brittle[]

Oglethorpe is upset that Ignignokt hung up on him, so he orders Emory to hit the redial. Ignignokt once again says Oglethorpe has the wrong number and hangs up.


Oglethorpe calls one more time asking for someone with the first name "Mike" and last name "Hunt," but Ignignokt says one more time they have the wrong number. Oglethorpe is pleased until Err calls them asking for "Holden McGroyne" and "Oliver Klohsoff" which makes Emory laugh. Ignignokt leaves a rude message before the Mooninites reveal themselves. Oglethorpe breaks the monitor in the Plutonians' ship.

Moon Master[]

The Mooninites tag the Plutonians' ship with "WE EAT OUR OWN FARTS" which Oglethorpe misinterprets as the Mooninites saying this about themselves.


Opening Dr

To the right are some examples of the common things seen during the various openings thoughout the series.

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