Aqua Teen Hunger Force minor characters

A promotional image featuring several minor characters.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a very large number of characters whom people have very little to talk about. These characters have very little screen time and hardly any lines. Pages about these characters are generally one or two paragraphs long. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Wiki has decided to compile a list of them below. If a contributor has difficulty finding, or linking to, a page about a minor character, they should consider viewing this page.

Season 1[]

Bus of the Undead[]

A live action character known as the Assisted Living Dracula appears on TV in this episode. Shake believes everything that happens is somehow vampire related due to watching the program. At the end of the episode, Mothmonsterman is watching the program.

The full short can be viewed on disc two of the season 1 DVD box set.

Mayhem of the Mooninites[]

During this episode, Shake and Frylock were on the phone with a police officer who had Meatwad in his custody after Ignignokt and Err convinced Meatwad to shoplift. The police officer never appears on-screen.


An entire crowd of people is visible in this episode; however, the only pieces of dialogue they emit are screams from stock sound effects.

Inside-Out Boy[]

Randy the Astonishing has a circus act involving "Inside-out Boy" who is, as his name implies, inside out. According to Randy, his mouth is inside his belly so in order for him to make words, he has to slap his vocal chords inside his bladder. Shake mistakes him for cherry cobbler and eats him at the end of the episode.

Dumber Days[]

With newfound super intelligence, Meatwad gives an undetermined number of children a ride in Carl's car, which he levitates. Only one child was seen, but it is assumed that there were others.


While searching for his missing PDA (which he never had to begin with), Shake brings the other Aqua Teens to the Trenton Tar Pits, which has established a submarine to go on an adventure with phony danger in order to scam tourists. The "captain" of the submarine seems to not care about his work, and he is a registered sex offender.

Adirondack Aliens[]

Shake leads Frylock to the Adirondacks, in an attempt to recover the PDA that was never his to begin with. Frylock discovers that there really are aliens here like Shake said, but Shake almost immediately leaves. Frylock is then stepped on multiple times by an alien, but only its feet are seen.

Mail Order Bride[]

A cheesy wedding DJ voiced by George Lowe appears in this episode.

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future[]

The character with the same name as the episode tells many ridiculous stories that involved several characters, including a great red ape, who is supposed to be Santa Claus. Besides the 1968 Christmas flashback, it is unlikely that any of these stories are actually true. In the Dr. Weird cold opening, the hand of a humongous monster picks up Dr. Weird's laboratory. This giant is never seen or mentioned again.

Season 2[]

Super Hero[]

Shake puts some worms in nuclear waste and tries to get the worms to bite him in an attempt to accumulate super powers and become the Drizzle. Shake never appears as the Drizzle. Because of his mutation causing him to melt, he instead becomes the fume, who essentially wears the same costume as the drizzle. If the drizzle did exist, he would be able to manipulate the clouds, so it will rain. Of course, Shake seems to make up new pieces of information about his superhero alter ego to make himself look cool. The Fume has some sort of weird tail that he cannot move, and only serves to burn down the city. As for the worms, they became rather large but were almost immediately killed by Frylock's laser eyes.

Zach Proctor[]

While his name is never officially stated, the person reporting on Shake's burning the city is presumed to be named Zach Proctor, as that was the name on the bottom left of the news report. After Frylock turns and talks to Shake, Zach realizes no one is listening to him, so he makes rather lewd remarks.

Super Bowl[]

Meatwad wins a pair of Superbowl tickets, which have a hologram instead of being holographic. The hologram is of a hispanic Enchiladito chip singing a song about how the winner of the giveaway is going to the Superbowl, with a rather distorted voice.

Super Computer[]

In the Dr. Weird cold opening, Dr. Weird's lab is covered with blood. In the shadows where Rabbot was first showcased, the viewer can see fiery green eyes. Since the cold openings by this point had become utter nonsense not pertaining to the show, this creature is never seen or mentioned again. It is unknown if this creature was actually created by Dr. Weird or not.

Super Model[]

During the cold opening, Dr. Weird explains that he had had sexual intercourse with a lawnmower. An egg pops out of the machine. The egg has metal arms, but never hatches, as the opening sequence starts.


Frylock sends a few messages to 69SoFine in this episode, hinting at him being a fireman. She's a woman Frylock has never met. The episode ends before Frylock goes to meet 69SoFine. Frylock makes a big deal about her username being "Six Nine So Fine" instead of "Sixty-nine So Fine," but this may be Frylock's assumptions rather than the truth.

Super Spore[]

A man gave Travis of the Cosmos a job interview, which didn't go very well. The man refused to hire Travis, because they didn't "hire animals."

The Meat Zone[]

In this episode, Meatwad correctly predicts the winning lottery numbers, and a man announces them. This man does not appear any further in the episode. Furthermore, Frylock mentions that "The dog blew up again." The dog is never seen and is never mentioned again.

Super Trivia[]

The announcer of the trivia contest in this episode is played by Ned Hastings. Furthermore, it is revealed that he is actually an illusion created by Wayne "The Brain" McClain. He appears a few more times in the series, but this is presumably not the same person, because Wayne is not seen anywhere in these scenes, and because Aqua Teen Hunger Force barely has any continuity.

Total Re-Carl[]

When Carl's body is destroyed, Frylock reattaches his head to a black person's body. The identity of this black man is unknown, but his body doesn't seem to enjoy having Carl's head being on top of it. Frylock also constructs an incredibly powerful mechanical body, but, as Shake points out, Carl would immediately slaughter Frylock and possibly Shake and Meatwad.

Revenge of the Trees[]

In this episode, Master Shake injects a cow with various unhealthy food products then flash fries it. When Shake is put on trial with the trees, he is given a court-appointed shrub, who immediately screams that his client is guilty.

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary[]

Zakk Wylde is encouraged by Shake to play at Pizza Potamus with the Black Mountain Scorpion Hoedown Bluegrass Experience. The scorpion animatronics battle each other, killing Zakk Wylde in the process. Geddy Lee is also mentioned, but he does not appear on screen.

Kidney Car[]

A tow-truck from the Kidney Foundation is seen in this episode, but the people driving it are not. A mechanic also sends Meatwad a list of things necessary to fix the car, which include "Shipping from Krypton" and cow jumping over the moon. The mechanic is not seen in person, and it is unknown if he was trying to scam Meatwad or if this was all necessary.

Frat Aliens[]

D.P. and Skeeter are seen hazing a member of their alien race, but he dies (presumably from alcohol poisoning) before he can say anything.

The Clowning[]

Carl actually succeeds in getting a woman to his house to have sexual intercourse with. It is unknown if she is a doing this for free or if she really is a hooker. She is portrayed as a stereotypical prostitute, with no personality beyond that.


Carl is turned into a clown by his new wig. His wig rested on Styro-Head, a living wig holder. He hates and has little patience for clowns for whatever reason.

The Dressing[]

During this episode a malfunctioning robot, claiming to be a robotic turkey trying to save the future as well as a certain other robot, talks about Goblox, a robot who will do something or other. It is hard for the audience to follow along with the robot's story, because of how convoluted it is. Furthermore, Goblox does not exist, because the robot is not from the future. He was actually a toy robot.

Season 3[]

Video Ouija[]

Meatwad contacts a ghost (represented by a pixelated bed sheet ghost) who is extremely upset about being dead, for logical reasons. The ghost often complains about his sister's dead baby, who later appears in this episode.

Unremarkable Voyage[]

Carl's "Crabs"[]

Carl puts Frylock's shrink ray in reverse to enlarge his penis. This leads to a multitude of relatively large louse crabs to emerge from his pants.


Shake, Meatwad, Ignignokt, and Err attempt to cash Uncle Cliff's check from the government at the Foodie Mart. The guy behind the counter tries several times to explain to them that they do not cash checks. The man is never seen onscreen, so the audience has no idea what he looks like. Shake claims that he is from Mexico, but the guy behind the counter says he was born in America, so it is currently unknown if this individual is truly Hispanic.

Gee Whiz[]

In this episode, a cartoon version of Ted Nugent is seen. He is portrayed as being very powerful and is revealed to be the one seen in the billboard and not "Gee Whiz."


Towards the end of this episode, a head full of artificial intelligence (or rather, the intellectual equivalent of a four-year-old) is put on the bottom of Shake to get the Shake's eHelmet to walk away from Carl's eHelmet, which is touching Shake's eHelmet in a rather inappropriate manner. The head talks in a very low-pitched voice and threatens to "tell on" the other eHelmet. The robot then jumps into Carl's pool (again, having the intelligence of a four-year-old), and the other robot follows him. Both eHelmets short-circuit and kill Shake and Carl.

Little Brittle[]

An unnamed vampire appears in this episode and turns MC Pee Pants (now known as Little Brittle) into a vampire, which was what the rapper wanted the whole time. The vampire steps outside to inform Frylock and Meatwad that Little Brittle shouldn't be outside in direct sunlight, then realizes he is outside and dies.



In this episode, Frylock assembles Robositter, who unbeknownst to Frylock has assembled her own robot Sheila. Sheila seems to behave the same way Robositter does, making her what the writers refer to as a "slut."


An unseen character named Ken is the regional manager of Slurp-a-Lunch, a location in the mall where Shake and Frylock breifly worked.

Moon Master[]

A man who apparently made a large sum of money with the Moon Master pyramid scheme set up by the Mooninites is mentioned in this episode, but it is unlikely that he actually exists. He is apparently posing nude in the pamphlet, but this is likely to be an image the Mooninites found online.

Dusty Gozongas[]

Wrench Aliens[]

Although they could be considered the villains of this episode, there isn't much to say about the Wrench Aliens. They are aliens who bear a striking resemblance to the monkey wrench Dusty Gozongas used in this episode. They use their spaceship (also shaped like a wrench) to abduct Dusty Gozongas. They strongly encourage her to pole-dance, with a camera providing footage to their homeworld. The episode ends too early for viewers to find out more about these aliens.

T-Shirt of the Living Dead[]

Meatwad summons a few characters in this episode. Darryl happens to be the Easter Bunny's identical twin brother. There is also Eggzilla, who is a gigantic egg monster. He used his fire breath to melt Santa Claus's face off. It is unknown how powerful this character is, because he is almost immediately forgotten.


In Hypno germs, Shake contracts Hypno germs from a toilet seat. These cause various hallucinations, including a talking filing cabinet, talking folders, a talking wall, a talking basketball, and a anthropomorphic tulip wielding a machine gun. The hallucinations control Shake's mind and attempt to make him kill himself.

Frylock injects Shake with Mexican jumping beans in order to get rid of the hypno germs. The germs and the beans stage a play from within Shake's body. There's a king germ, a princess germ named Dona, a guard germ, a bean named Poncho, a peddler bean, and the bean wizard.


Carl calls Donna Bryson, an old high school friend who apparently "knew how to party." She hangs up the phone, implying that she doesn't live her life the way Carl expects. Carl considers calling another class mate, but decides she is too ugly. Furthermore, Frylock and Shake try to date Amber and Stacy, respectively, while vacationing. The girls are not very good looking, and Stacy seems to have an eating disorder. Furthermore, Frylock has built a robot to guard the house while they are on vacation (much like in "Robositter"). The robot is named Rudy, and he isn't very good at his job. When he found Carl using the Aqua Teens' phone to dial a sex hotline, Rudy immediately flew to the Aqua Teens rather than doing anything about Carl. Towards the end of the episode, Meatwad tells Rudy that Shake is a thief, so Rudy kills Shake.

The Amazing Mongrel is a strange creature from another dimension created by Frylock that appears in Carl. He has a blue body and head, yellow eyes, a pink vest, purple trousers and a unicycle made from bones. His most premising feature is a 4 fingered lady arm which is used for pulling of peoples skin. He ripped off Carl and Shake's skin after they are attracted by the arm.


While not technically an episode, "Spacecataz" featured an alien pizza delivery man. He showed up at the Mooninites' ship to deliver fifty million pizzas. Ignigokt, however, informs him that he is late (by a margin of less than one second), so they're free. The Mooninites then shuts the door on him, cutting off his hand. The delivery man then screams about this with a very Southern accent.

Season 4[]


There are news reporters in this episode. They have almost absolutely no personality beyond that.

Boost Mobile[]


In this episode, Shake sells out his show to the real-life cell phone company Boost Mobile. Josh is hinted as being the head of the New York sales department of Boost Mobile. He is represented by a picture on Shake's oversized phone that is initially friendly looking but the picture becomes increasingly angry throughout the episode. Josh threatens to do bad things to Shake several times throughout the episode as Shake angers Josh for not giving the oversized phone enough time on camera in the episode. He eventually does send more phones to kill Shake towards the end of this episode after Shake breeches his contract with Boost Mobile.

Axe Body Spray[]

Towards the end of this episode, a living body of Axe Body Spray (another real-life product Shake sold out to) shows up and inquires about where Shake is. Meatwad informs him that Shake is presumably being slaughtered. The remaining Aqua Teens offer Axe Body Spray something, but he declines, saying "No thanks; I'm in the credits." Indeed, he is in almost every frame of the credits.


Towards the end of the episode, an unnamed man reports on Dr. Wongburger's failed attempt at escaping to Dick Planet, but he is not able to say "[He's] a real dick!" This is likely not due to standards and practices but because he simply can't think of the word.

Party All the Time[]

In a dream sequence, Frylock's doctor is attacked by a strange looking creature. This creature is composed of the Universal Remonster's head, Mothmonsterman's wings, and Willie Nelson monster's body. The creature has no lines, as Frylock immediately wakes up.

Shake is also seen trying to learn how to play the guitar from a man on TV. 


Ignigokt and Err become actors in the end of this episode. In this production, a man asks Err's character if "This [is] the place to kill those gay prostitutes," and Err's character replies, "yes?" The man then fires his machine gun at them.

Bart Oates[]

Carl apologizes to the band Chicago, because he has been selling people bootleg Chicago apparel.


At the end of this episode, it is revealed that there is a being known as the "Chess Dragon." He seems to be extremely good at Chess (though, his success might be due to the incompetence of Meatwad). He becomes extremely mad at Ezekiel, picks him up, and takes him to parts unknown. It is unknown as to how long the Chess Dragon has been challenging Meatwad to chess within the context of this episode due to the show's lack of continuity.

Season 5[]

Robots Everywhere[]

A couple (voiced by Vishal and Diviya Roney) appear in this episode and are very interested in buying the Aqua Teen House from Carl. Unfortunately for Carl, they are killed by robots before they pay for the house.

Couples Skate[]

An emcee performs at Markula's 4,040th birthday party. When he finds out Markula is over 4,000 years old, the emcee tells Markula "You are old!" He is presumably killed when thousands of spiders pop from the piñata.


Carl speaks to someone on the phone about the side effects of the Reedickyoulus, and is then hauled away by helicopter.

Hoppy Bunny (episode)[]

Several people dress up as animals in this episode, but Hoppy Bunny is the only one to take off his costume on screen. The animals these people dressed up as include: a panda, a frog, a unicorn, a bumblebee, and a fox. These people seem to enjoy Meatwad's company, with him making a hand gesture and them saying "Oh yeah!" While not mentioned directly in this episode, these people are what the internet labels as "furries."

The man from "Party All The Time" returns in this episode. Instead of hosting a TV show to teach others how to play the guitar he is peddling recorders. 

Dummy Love[]

Many people form Shake's audience, but none of them are seen on camera.

The Marines[]

In the "Warrior Gum" commercial, a man is seen as incredibly tough. The man bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Clean. On the Volume 6 commentary, it seems that Matt and Dave did not do this intentionally.

Season 6[]

Gene E.[]

In this episode, Master Shake and Carl try to play peeping tom on two women. The women come to the bathroom to talk, and are then scared by the newly invisible Shake's voice.

Chick Magnet[]

Several nameless women appear in this episode. They do not speak, but clearly do not find Shake attractive.

Last Last One Forever and Ever[]

Throughout this episode, many live action versions of standard Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters appear, but it is never officially stated that these are the real people. C. Martin Croker does his famous Dr. Weird voice, but it is unknown if this is really supposed to be a live action Dr. Weird. It could simply be the owner of the estrablishment or a spokesperson.

Season 7[]

Hands on a Hamburger[]

A contest in which contestants keep one hand on a hamburger at all times is held in this episode. As such several members of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force crew are seen. There are also a few kids who are outwitted by Shake into taking their hands off of the hamburger to add with their fingers.


Neilzabub has two friends who join in drinking beer in this episode (they're underage, so Shake bought them the alcohol). They don't say much, but they don't seem bright. Neil states that one of them "snook out" even though his mom is going to give them a ride.

Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula[]

The man who "accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb" on Smiley Junction realizes his mistake, saying "Wait. That's not Hawaii!"

Season 8[]

Allen Part One[]

Several minor yet recurring characters appear in this two-part episode, such as the "Radioactive Black Person." There are also many new minor characters. At the beginning of this episode, the Aqua Teens are hired by a lady to find the woman's cat, which Shake never succeeds at doing. There is an entire crowd of protestors near an abortion clinic. When one of them starts to act violent, they are all killed by Allen's lightning. A taxi driver is also seen in this storyline, and he seems to be very nervous about being killed by Allen.

Allen Part Two[]

There are also two kids stealing copper from a building owned by Mr. Beefy. These kids have potty mouths, and are also killed by Allen's lightning. Furthermore, two tough-looking, former criminals offer Shake some help. Shake is upset by their appearance and, in the sheer surprise of not being hurt, asks, "You don't want to stab me a little bit." One of the thugs takes him up on this offer, but Allen kills him before he can do anything.


Allen mentions someone named Tommy in this episode. Tommy seems to behave recklessly then blame the damages on somebody else.

Freedom Cobra[]

Shake refers to several women as "lesbians" in this episode, because they will not go out with him. There is also a tattoo artist seen in this episode, but he doesn't have a very distinct personality (other than being smarter than Shake).

The Creditor[]

This entire episode turns out to be a bedtime story that was told by The Creditor to his two young children (who have appearances very similar to the Creditor).


Frylock takes Shake and Meatwad to the location where they were previously held captive in the beginning of Season 5. During their visit, they encounter several generic vampires, as well as Markula. There are also several other vampires appearing as bats throughout this episode. Shake also talks to a television host named Chuck about his immunity to the "Vampirus." Chuck seems to be a very rational and level-headed human being, as he claims that Markula's right to eat interferes with humanity's right to live.

Wi-tri (episode)[]

Shake and Meatwad are carried off by generic tribesmen in this episode.

Jumpy George[]

While viewers cannot see this character, Carl complains about the clerk at the restaurant does not stock the restaurant's bathroom very well. The clerk is never seen. Furthermore, Ignignokt and Err finally make another appearance in this episode. In a prison in outer space, Err reveals that Ignignokt told off "that pig and that judge and that guy who raped [Ignignokt]." None of these characters appear, however.


Before this episode takes place, a hooker has bitten off Carl's tongue (which could not be re-attached). There are also a few characters with non-speaking roles towards the beginning of this episode.

Last Dance for Napkin Lad[]

Frylock tells Napkin Lad some very vulgar things as Lars pretends to kill Napkin Lad over the phone. Frylock then immediately asks a clerk if they had a pair of jeans in a different size (even though Frylock rarely wears clothes). The clerk does not re-appear in this episode. On a side note, Lars mentions a President. It is unknown whether he was referring to the President in real life or a fictional one.

Season 9[]

Big Bro[]

In the first episode of Aqua Something You Know Whatever, viewers can see several people at Gerald's soccer game. However, none of them say anything.

Chicken and Beans[]

There is a multitude of minor characters in this episode. There are a few characters appearing at Meatwad's concert towards the beginning of this episode. There is an entire crowd of people at Meatwad's other concert towards the end of this episode.

Shirt Herpes[]

There are several beautiful women in Carl's fantasy sequence in this episode, but they are flat and static characters.

Rocket Horse Jet Chicken[]

In Meatwad's story, a character named Jerry organized Rocket Horse and Jet Chicken's autograph signing at the Krayo Dealership. The real Meatwad, who is narrating this story, mentions the CIA, FBI, and Spec Ops agents. Furthermore, Shake visits [adult swim] headquarters to sell Meatwad's comic. The producer he meets seems pushy and rude. He also insists that the theme song of the movie be rap music.

The Granite Family[]

A tour guide is leading a group of tourists around the white house in this episode.

Buddy Nugget[]

Carl meets his "friend" thanks to the Buddy Nugget. This person drives a car similar to "2 Wycked" and has a great love for sports, similarly to Carl. However, Carl believes that the New York Giants are the best, while his friend is a huge fan of the New York Jets.

Totem Pole[]

A crowd of people appears at the rock concert in this episode. However, they seem to leave when they realize what the concert is really for.

Season 10[]


Shake's muscles become self-aware and decide to kill a crowd of people at a bar. Most of the people there look very muscular and tough. However, they may not be as tough as most stereotypical strongmen that appear in television. One of them tries to avoid trouble with Shake's muscles.

The Dudies[]

A fang worm appears in this episode. It is a worm that has grown to gigantic proportions due to being exposed to radiation from nuclear war heads.

Working Stiffs[]

In this episode, Frylock works at a fast food joint. His female co-worker makes several comments about how he should get back to work. These comments reflect that she does not care about health standards.


A large number of stereotypical hippies appear in this episode. None of them have names.


Oglethorpe's unnamed father makes his debut, when calling him.

Season 11[]

Mouth Quest[]

After the Honest Abe Lincoln's Hot Links mascot demands that the Aqua Teens have an adventure of the "kick-ass kind," Shake suggests that an alien being should burst out of Meatwad. Shortly after, a small purple cockroach pops out of Meatwad and begins to shoot lasers at Frylock, Shake and the Hot Links mascot as the trio board a spaceship and escape. 

The Hairy Bus[]

An unnamed man is seen in a flashback trying to have intercourse with a bus, allowing the vehicle to conceive the Hairy Bus and his brother, the Flesh Train. In another flashback, multiple woodland animals are seen being eaten alive by the Hairy Bus, being the only food source for him. 


Two unnamed helicopter pilots from a local church shoot missiles at Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl, Jubilee, Gypsy, and Knappy, ultimately killing them all.

Rabbit, Not Rabbot[]

After a mall cop, voiced by George Lowe, discovers Frylock, in Carl's body, peeing in a fountain, another mall cop grabs Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl, in the bodies of a rabbit, a hamster, and a tarantula. An unnamed woman can also be seen with Frylock once he as swapped minds with Carl, entering his body. Along with this, a Cobra eats Meatwad after he is placed in the creature's container while he is in the body of a hamster.


An amazonian tribe named "Yesitzutsu", loosely translated to "the immortal ones," harvests on the root of the yigi tree, granting them immortality and reversing the aging process. After Frylock obtains a yigi root, Meatwad dumps them into the sewer, allowing multiple sewer rats to gain strength and power from the root, and they eventually join Dolores in burning her son, Carl, at the stake.

The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)[]

Meatwad is seen in a flashback trading his jewel to a kid named Zachary for tater tots and barbeque dipping sauce. Meatwad then states that he must be alive due to the power of imagination, with Santa Claus, a talking roller skate and purple donkey appearing as visions near his head, speaking to him. Later in the episode, an adult Meatwad is shown on a date with an unnamed woman, whom he eventually marries. As time progresses, the couple is seen to be older, now having two meat-human hybrid children, named Hankwad and Pinkwad. 

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters[]

Food products from the Cold Opening[]

At the very beginning of the film, a group of food items (comprised of an ice cream bar, a soda, a box of popcorn, and a hot dog) starts singing about proper movie etiquette. Another group of food products (consisting of a box of candy, a soft pretzel, a nacho in a paper tray, and a gumdrop) performs a heavy metal song about the subject at hand, telling people that bad things will happen to them if they do not obey the rules.

C.I.A. Agents[]

During a ridiculous fantasy sequence narrated by Master Shake, two C.I.A. agents try to chase after Time Lincoln. Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Time Lincoln escape, but the C.I.A. agents continue firing their guns, because they are convinced that they are invisible. One of them comes to his senses, and realizes that "just because [they] fought one invisible person, that doesn't mean everyone is invisible." By the time the Aqua Teens blast off in Time Lincoln's rocket, the government agents arrive, and one of them shoots Time Lincoln Resulting in the Confederacy's righteous victory in the American Civil War and the CIA Agents are made slaves to a black Kentucky Colonel as punishment for their crimes against the South. Of course, none of this actually happened. It was all a convoluted story told to Meatwad by Shake.


Carl becomes incredibly muscular after being force to exercise on the Insanoflex. He meets a girl named Linda, who is a very muscular female (though, she's nowhere near as muscular as Carl). She literally drags him to her place to have dinner (Carl is too heavy to move), but Carl becomes disgusted at the idea of eating a "...monkey gland energy shake." She then takes him into her bedroom, but it turns out Linda is actually Dr. Weird in disguise, and the entire premise of Linda and Carl dating was a trap.

However in a fake ending for the movie, Meatwad ends up dating her.

Man from Insanoflex Exercise[]

A rather obese man is seen running away from the Insanoflex in a commercial. However, not much is known about him, because he is quickly killed by the Insanoflex.

Recurring characters[]

The following characters, despite not having much involvement, have appeared in more than one episode, though many of them still do not have distinct personalities.

Kids in the commercials[]

Commercials within the show feature two nameless kids (presumably in their teenage years). These kids have appeared in episodes such as "Super Computer" and "Dickesode".

Homeless Guy (Tree Wizard)[]

A homeless, red-skinned man makes cameo appearences in multiple episodes, such as "Gee Whiz", "Piranha Germs", "Robots Everywhere", and "Chick Magnet". Whenever he appears, he almost always ends up getting hurt or killed in some manner, except in his debut episode: "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary".

Unnamed African American (formerly "Radioactive Black Person")[]

In "Shake Like Me", Shake insults an African American who is working at a construction site filled with nuclear waste. This "radioactive black person" bites Shake, which causes Shake to transform into an African American. The same African American was trying to destroy a house, because "it's been vacant for ten years" and the city condemned the building in "Allen Part One". In this episode, the worker actually speaks, and seems level-headed. After Shake insults him, however, the worker beats him up to the degree that Shake needs to be hospitalized (though the fight between the two occurred off-screen).

Pawn Shop Clerk[]

In "Hoppy Bunny" and "2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five," a character modeled after and voiced by Scott Fry works as a pawn shop clerk. He doesn't seem to give very good deals to people. He offered twelve dollars for Frylock's gem in "Hoppy Bunny," even though he seemed to be aware that the gem contained "the power of a thousand suns." He also claimed to have blown up the moon in "2-And-a-Half Star Wars Out of Five," but immediately admitted that this was just a cry for attention. He also appeared on the "Steel Python" in the film, but this was actually supposed to be Scott Fry himself.


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